Things To Expect From CA Foundation Online Classes By ICAI

The recent situation with a global pandemic has put the whole education system into a dilemma. The system has to start adapting new methods to educate the young generation. And with that, online classes became the new norm. The CA exams get conducted twice every year. Because of the situation and its consequences, offline preparation classes have been impossible. Private and online classes are expensive for many. Students from different backgrounds take the CA exams and dream of being full-fledged Charter Accountant. And for those he ca foundation online classes by ICAI is a great opportunity.

 When will these classes get conducted?


For now, there has been no notice. But based on last year's announcement regarding the virtual classes, you can determine the same for this year. Last year in June, the board of studies announce their plan for the virtual free classes. Those classes started on 1st July for all the students. It included the Foundation, Intermedia and also the Final students.


The board of studies at ICAI has been dedicated and active when it comes to adopting new methods suitable for any situation. They believed that all students should be able to access quality education throughout. Therefore, it was not a surprise for many when they announced the online classes. Because of the Covid-19 situation, many students faced circumstances involving bad access to study materials and sources. Thus, ICAI wanted to help them and ca foundation online classes by ICAI was the best fit. 

What can be expected from the online classes?

Quality education is the first thing that students can expect from these classes. Last year, when the country faced a dire situation, the Board of Studies did not delay in decision making and approached the students with the help of technology.  

In the previous year's online classes, each course was taught in two different sessions. The first session got conducted in the morning and the other in the evening. Only the second session for the Foundation course got conducted in the afternoon. They had a specific link for their online classes, but they also posted the videos on YouTube. Thus, they are making education more accessible for students in all parts of the country. 

However, there were some notable features of these classes, which students can expect this year as well. Those features are:


  • You do not have to pay any fee to participate in any of these classes. They are free. Therefore, you can study everything in all three courses without worrying about money.
  • No offline classes. The classes will be strictly online and available for all.
  • Students can record the classes and watch them later. They can record these videos on any devices with access to the source.
  • The subject experts will conduct each class.
  • The target is to cover the entire syllabus and help the students with a practical focus based approach.

ICAI keeps conducting online classes for their students throughout the year. You should not worry much and focus on your goals at hand.

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