CFD TRADING: 15 Types of Trader Personalities


What is a CFD psychology? You can’t simply underestimate the importance of understanding psychology in CFD trading. Without a doubt, humans tend to become emotional very easily. We all have certain psychological traits that contribute to our different traits. A trader’s mindset is particularly triggered whenever certain activities happen, like gains and profits. This is the time when humans experience strong personal feelings especially when money is involved.

According to research, 15 types of trader personalities greatly affect your trading success. Therefore, it is better to know and understand.

The Accurate Trader

This kind of trader tends to be analytical, meticulous, and accurately records things. Accurate traders keep track of important details and use them in decision making. They have detailed journals and think that it greatly helps them attain continuous trading success.

The Administrative Trader

This kind of trader is more practical, realistic, and decisive in their trading approach. Administrative traders are responsive to the changes in the financial market that leads to more profitable trades.

The Artistic Trader

This kind of trader uses intuition as well as creative thinking. They can easily adjust to changes in the market.

The Adventurous Trader

This kind of trader is open-minded and flexible.

The Detailed Trader

This kind of trader takes into consideration the analytical process before taking any trading decisions. These traders have a logical approach and induce careful analysis.

The Facilitative Trader

This kind of trader is serious and prefers to trade under a social environment. They excel if they get themselves involved in a team of traders.

The Fun Loving Trader

This kind of trader has a playful approach in trading and tends to have a higher level of social interaction. These fun-loving traders have a positive outlook on life and are very optimistic.

The Independent Trader

This kind of trader acts independently and uses their interpretation of an interpretation. They can think outside the box but they lack social skills which are also vital in CFD trading.

The Innovative Trader

This kind of trader is creative and intuitive when it comes to establishing trades and analyzing information. An innovative trader can process a huge amount of information and be able to act quickly based on the movement of the market.

The Planning Trader

This kind of trader tends to become competent leaders as they communicate well when it comes to matters about trading. A planning trader is also realistic and well-organized. They are more on facts when creating trading decisions.

The Socially Responsible Trader

This kind of trader is loyal to their social values and sees the importance of enjoying one's social life.

The Spontaneous Trader

This kind of trader is thinking and reacting quickly without performing analysis beforehand. They see planning very difficult and hassle.

The Strategic Trader

This kind of trader is intelligent and bases decisions in trading based on facts and they develop a competence level on their trading activities.

The Supportive Trader

This kind of trader is insightful, depends on trading activities and solemn.

The Values-Driven Trader

What is a CFD value-driven trader? How can you become a values-driver CFD trader? This kind of trader is independent and focuses more on trading material, ideas, rewards, and relationships. A Values-Driven Trader also makes a good decision and views things in a bigger picture.

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