Engagement Rings- Something that Seal the Deal


A man's proposal to a woman will never be complete without an engagement ring. An engagement ring is a part of the wedding tradition of various countries all around the world. Engagement rings are an epitome of love and commitment to the person it is given to. The custom of giving separate rings for engagement and marriage began in Victorian England. Ancient Greek and Roman culture agreed that the vein of the ring finger, also known as the healing finger, directly runs to the heart. For most people an engagement is a very special time and the occasion of giving the perfect engagement ring can really make the occasion extra special. Multiple choices are available while choosing the perfect engagement ring which can also be a daunting task that a person has to go through at least once in their lifetime.

All engagement rings come with different sized diamonds and nothing can take the place of diamond when it comes to engagement rings. A diamond is known not only for its durability and toughness, but also for its style, elegance, grace and unbeatable beauty. It has been explained that the circular and never ending part of the ring symbolizes endless love and devotion to a partner. When purchasing an engagement ring, one needs to consider a few things before entering the store and giving an experienced salesperson a chance to talk into the last 3 months of hard work. For instance, one has to keep in mind the perfect size and shape of the ring, something their partner immediately approves upon right after laying their eyes on it.

Once someone decides they are going to ask the big question, they have all the plans made up in their head but they still need a ring to seal the deal. Engagement rings contain feelings of love, commitment and fidelity between two people, leading into a promise of mutual eternal love and respect as it is exchanged at a special moment in the lives of the two souls.

So once a person is faced with the first decision of their new life, it is clear that it is vital to make a proposal that touches the other person's heart rather than offering something that is materialistic, although a marriage proposal is going to be memorable for a long time and will be told again and again to the nearest and dearest people around. The engagement ring is a sign of promise, and the promise is the intention of marriage. Such promise or betrothal rings have probably existed since the fourth century, but their styles and designs have changed dramatically, even though the meaning and tradition have remained unchanged.

The Irish tradition is rich and full of both whimsy and sentiments. This is especially true when it comes to weddings and marriages. The Irish beautifully symbolizes the true meaning of marriage with their wedding ring. Unique and affordable Celtic engagement rings and wedding bands at Fashion Plaza have their own style but also lend themselves to adding their own personal touch. An ancient gold ring with a telltale woven pattern is the perfect symbol of the blending of the two souls and their lives.

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