Bed and Breakfast Deals: Its Gratifying Effect on Trading CFDs


One among the many payables when you decide to go into trading CFDs is your taxes. They say that no one can win over the government in terms of collection of dues. But did you know that there is a strategy which CFD traders use in order to save money from paying taxes? This is called the "bread and breakfast deal" This kind of investing deal was practiced in the UK before being ruled out by the 30-day rule in 1998. Sadly, the original bed and breakfast strategy is no longer allowed in stock and shares trading but traders were able to imitate the strategy and apply it into CFDs.

How Bread and Breakfast Deals work on CFDs

With its characteristics, bread and breakfast deals can be mimicked by traders via fluctuations rates on stock indices, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and commodity futures. With these CFD instruments, a trader is now given the freedom to sell  the security then rebuy it after 30 days.In between the waiting period, a trader can still participate in the market once a CFD for security is bought from a CFD broker. Right after the waiting period, the trader can now close his position then buy back the sold security. Moreover, you also have the option to hedge your CFDs while you are within the 30-day waiting period. If you are new to this word, you can ask financial coaches or read materials regarding this topic. But to give you an overview for the sake of understanding the concept, hedging is a trading strategy that is widely used in derivatives trading. When you hedge, you have to take an opposite position to an asset that is related to your trade so that you can offset your possible losses. This strategy is also helpful to lessen your CGT  especially when you decide to short sell your position.

The Effect of Bed and Breakfast Deal to Traders

The moment you go into trading CFDs, you have to remember that you will be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This form of tax is paid by a trader to the government for the  earnings that were  acquired from selling capital assets. Since purchasing CFDs allow you to trade without actually owning an asset, it goes to show that you will have to pay less CGT because you have already crystallized both your losses and gains by selling your actual stocks and purchasing CFD.

Other Deals that are similar to Bed and Breakfast

1.Bed and Company

This strategy allows the trader to dispose of the shares and then repurchase it via a company account.

2.  Bed and Spousing

With its name, this deal involves the participation of a spouse or a partner. This is done by asking your partner to make an equivalent purchase in the open market the moment you sell your asset.

3. Bed and Trust

The bed and trust technique is easy, all you have to do is sell your asset and buy it back in the form of trust.


A very specific rule of thumb when it comes to trading is to make sure that you legally protect your money. With today's lesson, we are able to witness the fact that CFDs,despite its drawbacks, can help you lessen tax burdens through the adoption of the Bed and Breakfast principle.

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