Jute Carpets: The Best Decor Option

Jute carpets are manufactured from the shooting part of the jute plant which is scientifically named as Corchorus. The fibre is extracted out of the jute plant to produce jute carpets. Jute carpets withhold temperature and are highly elegant. Jute carpets are usually handmade, which gives it an antique look. Jute rugs can fit into both modern and antique house interiors that are what making jute products a much-needed one on markets.

Benefits of Jute Carpets:

One of the major benefits is that these Jute Rugs are highly affordable. When we take up houses in colder climatic conditions, carpets are an unavoidable piece of essential decor. However, carpets made out of other materials are of high cost which are not affordable by all and are not durable too unlike jute products. Jute carpets are cheap and are durable since they are made of dried plant fibres.

The next major benefit is that it is non-allergic and pet friendly. People with pets often face issues of allergies as not every fibre can accommodate by pets. Jute is natural and can be tolerable by pets. Since it is made of natural fibres, it is non-toxic and therefore safe for people with breathing issues.

Jute carpets are also eco-friendly and sustainable. Usually, carpets are chemically dyed, incorporated with toxins which are harmful for both nature and humans. Jute rugs, on the other hand, are eco-friendly as they are obtained from nature and has no toxins or harmful chemicals.

Jute Carpets are not the boring and old fashioned carpets. Though they are made out of natural fibres they can be custom made in different designs. They reflect a natural Tan as obtained from the fibre directly. This colour is perfectly suitable for various occasions and interiors. Most of the time, Jute Carpets are handmade, which imparts an antique and rich look.

Most households fear the process of cleaning carpets as it can be hard and tough to clean. However, Jute carpets require minimal and occasional cleaning. A basic vacuum cleaner or a dusting brush is efficient in cleaning the carpet.
Dusting and sun drying will renew the carpet. This cleaning can be done once a month.

Features of Jute Carpets

Jute carpets are highly resistant and durable materials which will fit perfectly into any decor, both interior, and exterior. Jute carpets can withstand a wide range of climates. They are durable, strong, and resilient. Therefore they stay in shape and in good condition for a long period of time.

Jute rugs are manufactured without toxins so they are safe for pets and do not cause any allergic reactions. In today's time, it is important to not harm our mother Earth. So, this is the safest natural option available. Apart from that, it is multi-purpose; it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, Jute Carpets are a multi-purpose, eco-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective, and long-lasting decor piece which are available in various sizes, colours, and patterns.

Jute Carpets are available online. These are the perfect option to satisfy and to decorate a traditional or modern household interior and exterior.

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