An overview about Zerodha

Come 2020, let us discuss about Zerodha and the traits associated with it. At an initial glance it is an Indian stock broker, paving way for a flat fee investment in equities and commodities. Though the company has its headquarters in Bangalore it has its offices all over the country. Zerodha review has generated a lot of positive response on the online platform. It is popular for its brokerage rates that are Rs 20 per order.

To open an account you need the following documents

  • ·         A Pan card copy
  • ·         A passport size photo of the client
  • ·         A couple of cancelled cheques – one is a cancelled cheque and the other has to be filled with account opening fees
Account opening

Demat account

If you are planning to open a demat account with the company then it is possible to do that. There is a charge of Rs 200. Suppose you are a dealer and you might not need a demat account but if you are planning to do basic trading then you need a demat account. Only for equity trading it is needed.

Trading along with a demat account

Suppose you want to open a combination of both these accounts then a charge of Rs 300 is levied. Along with it if you want to open a commodity account then an additional fee of Rs 200 is charged. A stock broker provides a trading platform for you to invest in securities. No form of annual maintenance charges exist for such accounts.

The challenges encountered by Zerodha

In terms of brokerage rates the company has gone on to crave a distinct identity for itself. In fact there are some issues pertaining to it that may limit its horizon. There is no monthly plan that is profitable for traders, a 3-1 trading option is not available and lack of exposure in relation to shares. Considering itself to be a discount broker it has gone on to gain space in the share market. There are a team of professional’s working day and night in order to provide the best of services to their clients. This can be done via social media platforms as well.

In due course of time challenges are bound to spring up. Of late many people have gone on to praise it for their technological platform. As per review reports obtain a stock broker is fine till the point a client faces some problem. Let us now explore the benefits.

  • ·         They have gone on to set a flat rate of Rs 20 for buying or selling stocks. Be it the case of equities or commodities the rates tend to be the same
  • ·          No minimum charges in terms of brokerage, the same is the case with contract costs or be in the form of advance fees.
  • ·         Free purchase along with selling of shares in an equity market
  • ·         You can invest in mutual funds.
From the analysis done above no doubts to the fact that Zerodha is one of the superior discount broking firms in the market.

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