Ideal Firing Position for Each Type of Weapon

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Know the ideal stance to shoot with short and long weapons.

Did you know that there is an ideal posture to shoot? Not only that, it is also necessary to pay attention to the positioning for each type of weapon. For lovers of shooting practice, the ideal and specific firing position for the type of weapon is an important factor, because it helps to reach the final goal: hitting the target.

Not only for those, snipers from the armed forces also undergo intensive training until they reach their posts and need to know the different postures to shoot and know how to use at the time of combat. Want to know more? Check out the article!

Importance of good posture
The ideal shooting position is the easiest to shoot. This is particular to each person, some postures are not comfortable for some, but are perfect for others. However, the ideal shooting stance must have some characteristics in common for all people:

·         Freedom of movement to hit targets in various positions
·         Comfort to support the weight of the weapon
·         Security and firmness not to be pushed with the shot
·         Accuracy to be able to aim at the target and hit it
·         Ease of using AR15 magazine quick loader during shooting

In addition to the stance, the grip is also essential for snipers. Check out some examples of placement for each type of weapon!

Isosceles position
This weapon firing stance is the most well-known and widely used not only for those who train in sport shooting, but also for snipers. It is ideal for lighter and smaller weapons, such as pistols and revolvers, because the arm is extended at the front.

The advantage of this in relation to the different postures to shoot is that it allows a movement with ease. For those who practice sports shooting, it is ideal to have this freedom of movement to hit targets that are in several different angles.

Weaver Position
The name of this gun-firing stance came from a 1950s sheriff in the United States for handgun competitions. This position is interesting because it gives greater firmness to those who suffer from the weapon's strike and take time to recover after each shot.

Long weapons
For those who like longer weapons, like shotguns, the positions are different. Because they are heavier, in some cases there may be support and the shooter just needs to learn to aim and move the support. That is why this article will only mention the different postures for shooting with long weapons standing and without support.

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