How Corporate Team Building Training can change an employee’s professional as well as personal life

Imagine a very functional team but with no life, a team with competitive co-existence and no human touch. Sounds similar right? In a rat race that we are part of, what is the thing, that can instill maturity and a sense of understanding and co-operation amongst individuals? Definitely not sermons by Managers, in fact, that has a greater chance of going against the management more often than not.

To combat the disconnect amongst team members of a team and to improve inter personnel skills and general team health, the concept of Corporate Team Building Training came up.
Corporate Team Building Training is a lucrative career and much in demand and welcomed by the vast majority of companies, not just because it is a mandate, but also because of it has helped a number of employees and eventually the Companies’ overall performance.
It involves a series of activities that involve group participation and conducted in good locales outside the company premises mostly so that Employees can call it a day off or a day of refreshment plus take away some key learnings when they go home. These activities are ice-breakers for new employees as well as existing employees and they help in the sense of connection amongst the various people.
Example of activities
Team-building training activities can range from a variety of games, group brainstorming competitions and also acts.
Games like a treasure hunt, Pictionary, musical chairs that bring out the child within you. Now, why are such activities that look childlike?
*Once the child inside us is freely led out, it breaks the mental conditioning and makes one confident and to get along well and connect with the other individual
* Breaks silence 
*Helps connection
*Improves creativity
*Activities involving healthy fun helps in enhancing creativity
Group brainstorming over issues helps:
*Build trust 
*Help one in appreciating others skills and thought processes
*Improves creativity
*Improves presence of mind since group energy is involved
* Promotes healthy competition
* Sometimes improves your sense of humor as well
Acts focusing on situations involving conflicts:

Though it is a little uncomfortable for few employees to express their feelings of conflicts, or to open up, venting out conflicts by enacting help in easing out that discomfort.
For eg, One is made to act like the “dominating “ manager and one is made to act like the “victimized” employee, and conditions are thrown to them to discuss and act.
An employee is made to think from a Manager’s perspective and vice versa, this helps them build trust in each other as human beings and believe that at the core of everything people are genuine.
This helps in overcome that mental barrier each has built around themselves and behaved in a certain way.
Having said all of the above, we can conclude that Corporate Team Building Training 
is a therapy involving human psychology and helps a lot towards Employee engagement and makes Companies as happy places to work in.

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