Greying Hair? Why does your hair get grey sooner than expected? Can you prevent?

Many people these days experience pre-mature greying of you think that you too already have plenty of grey strands in your hair and you are not even twenty five or thirty?  Well, first of all there is no need to panic. More and more individuals are facing this greying issue because of the lifestyles, food habits and chemicals in the products.

What can you do to dodge the greying hair?

You can start using Ayurveda Hair Oil for Premature Greying. Ayurveda has been doing wonders through its powers and practices for more than hundred and thousands years. You know greying of hair is usually considered a sign of old age. Sometimes, greying starts even at a young age. Advanced lifestyle with poor eating habits and unpredictable lifestyle have triggered young people to go gray. Moreover stress is also one of the chief contributors to the premature greying of hair.

Then nutritional deficiencies are among the reasons of greying hair. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you eat healthy to avert grays and endorse hair growth. Hair also begins to go gray because of a drop in the formation of the dark pigment – melanin in your hair roots. Certainly there are certain health problems too that can also head to the greying of hair. For example, illnesses like thyroid issues and anaemia can trigger hair to get prematurely gray. People who suffer from issues of the stomach such as malabsorption are also prone to greys. Ailments affecting the small intestine like celiac ailments, Crohn’s disease, and tapeworms and different other gut-related issues can be associated with greying of hair.

Ayurveda and Greying Hair

In the realm of Ayurveda, this condition is known as palitya or akala palitya (premature greying of hair).   As per Ayurveda, greying hair is a pure Pitta ailment that takes place because of the vitiation of Pitta dosha, means biohumor related to Fire and Water.  It is the reason people of the Pitta constitution incline to start greying earlier than that of others. Extreme Pitta in the sebaceous glands that reside at the hair roots, known as folliculitis can even end up in hair loss and greying prematurely.

Similarly, Pitta-provoking manners or habits like excessive anger; passion and physical strain end up in greying of hair.  You should also avoid Pitta-genic beverages like tea and coffee and mainly alcohol. Intake of spicy, salty, oily and sour, fermented foods coupled with meat can worsen Pitta.

What are the signs of greying hair?

The zones just above the ears and at temples are the foremost to show hints of grays. This greying may begin to spread to the sides and even that of the top of the scalp. In men, the facial hair such as the beard and mustache starts greying sooner while the hairs on the chest and pubic area do follow later.  If you want to know if you are greying earlier than normal then take note of following things:

  • -          Hair discoloration before the age of thirty  five
  • -          Hair loss or thinning
  • -          Dry, brittle hair
  • -          Frequent headaches


So, if you are facing greying then make sure that you take steps timely. You should go for Anti Greying Hair Oils and they might help you preserve blank, shiny and natural hair!

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