Clearing GMAT exams- the traps you need to avoid

In order to clear the exam, you need to be aware of the ifs and buts of it. There are some common mistakes that every taker needs to avoid. GMAT prep goes a long way in helping you combat the exam with flying colors.

Taking no chances with guessing

The test takers spent a lot of time to find answers to questions that they difficult to comprehend. Most likely 5 out of 10 questions fall in this category. An important point to consider is GMAT is not a test where you will get every answer correct. The CAT format adjusts questions as per your difficulty level as there are a variety of difficulty levels to get your dream score. By going through the score you can evaluate your strengths along with weakness and tap on the grey areas.

The timing is important in a GMAT exam as you have to cover the entire exam, rather than trying to answer each question correctly. If you are facing it difficult to answer a question, try the process of elimination to get the answer right. No point to waste the time and move on to the next question.

Failing to take notes

Students end up making a mistake of not taking notes on the provided GMAT scratch paper once they read a question. To take notes might seem to be a timer saver in such cases but it is going to take a longer time to clear the exams. In order to deal with this problem you need to take notes during drills, quizzes so that you are familiar with the real GMAT exam . You can take the help of a marker and a slender pad to make the task of clearing the exam. This is a vital cog in the wheel in terms of GMAT prep.

Rush through questions

Some GMAT test takers are of the opinion that they can save time by rushing through the questions and there is no need to read any word. This is another mistake to avoid. You have to read every passage and question in a proper way.  This is really important as you have to track down every piece of information and to find out answers to every question that you need to answer. You end up making careless errors if you do not read the questions properly.

Going one step above the Computer adaptive testing format

As stated earlier many students try to beat the CAT format and this they do by focus on a difficult question which they perceive to be easy. In simple terms this is a bad idea and virtually next to impossible. It might seem to be a lot more difficult rather than to guess during a given exam.

The level of difficulty tends to vary as per students. What might be easy for one student might be difficult for another student. Under immense levels of pressure you might not be able to answer questions properly in an exam.

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