Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunications- a game changer trend

The telecommunication industry is a quite competitive business vertical and the companies come up with new and innovative methods to optimize their processes, as well as stay ahead in the market. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing field and is quite extensively used by the telecom companies nowadays. Let’s see the avenues of application of AI in telecommunication industry.

Data Analytics

The telecom companies encounter large chunks of data on a daily basis. Using machine learning and AI, the data can be processed to take out the meaningful and useful portion, to make important decisions for the business.The data can be in the form of a customer response, business scenario, product development etc. Hence, the extraction of meaningful data and decisions based on it not just helps the company to manage its business but also helps them to stay ahead in competition.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The telecom companies deal with numerous customers. This results in many routine activities as well as rule based tasks. AI can be very effectively in used automating these processes. Telecom companies are investing in cognitive techniques like robotic process automation, to increase their productivity and make their process error free.       

Predictive Maintenance

Network outage is one of the most important aspect to address in the telecommunication business. AI can be used very effectively to develop tools for predictive maintenance, by using data driven intelligence. It can be used to address monitoring of equipment performance, failure prediction, fixing it proactively etc.

Network optimization

Artificial intelligence in telecomcan be used to configure networks, which can adapt and reconfigure, as per the needs. Based on the prior knowledge of network aspects, you can design the network which can self-analyze and respond with self-optimization. This helps in providing a consistent network solution to the customers.

Detection of fraud

Artificial intelligence can be quite effective in detecting fraudulent transactions, fake profiles and illegal access in a network or a profile. This can be performed easily by developing an algorithm to spot the difference between a fraud and a normal activity. T will help in detecting the activity in real-time and giving immediate alert for any suspicious activity.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

AI can be very effectively used to analyze the problems and offer solution to the customers in the least time. This can be performed by using the historical information on failures and solutions for any equipment or service and process the data to enable decision making by the troubleshooter.

Nowadays, the use of virtual assistant for the customers especially in the areas of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting is quite popular in telecom companies. The ‘Chatbots’ can be very effectively designed by providing a rich database of information to respond to the customer query in the least time.


As seen above, for the telecom industry, which handles large amount of data on daily basis, AI can prove to be very effective. It not just helps in smooth running of business but also in staying ahead in competition.

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