Why is Everyone Covering up their Laptop Cameras?

You may have noticed it if you have been at a coffee shop recently or a library – laptops that are kept is crowned with little slip of paper covering their cameras. But what is the point? If you want to know more, then here is an article that you will find matching your query. Read on!

Why people tape over the laptop camera?
The first thought on this is – stuff being done on the system being recorded and broadcast somewhere else. However, it does not always mean that whatever you are doing on a system is being recorded. But there is software, which if you download will basically take over the camera of the laptop and allow live streaming somewhere else.
You may already be aware of the phenomenon if you have ever used WebX for video conferencing. The window that has your video gets delivered via a web page – connecting via a website and then you are able to video chat. It is the same technology that you can access if you go to a website that employs the downloading of some software, and then it may be doing the same activity. 
It is also because people wind up browsing websites and don’t know what they are up to and what it may be doing; they put paper over their laptop’s camera.  
You are now aware of why people are covering the camera of their laptops. If you wanted to buy the best laptop, but don’t know which are the best laptops under 25000 with i5 processor, then here are the best models. Have a look:
1)    Lenovo Ideapad 330 Pentium Quad-Core Laptop

      Intel Pentium Quad Core processor
      4 GB DDR4 RAM
      DOS Operating System
      1 TB HDD
      15.6 inch display

This Lenovo laptop is priced in India at around Rs.20,000.

2)    iBall C Series Atom Compbook Laptop

      Intel Atom processor
      2 GB DDR3 RAM
      32 bit Windows 10 Operating System
      11.6-inch display

You can consider buying this iBall laptop in India at only around Rs.11,000.

3)    Lenovo Ideapad 110 APU Quad Core 15ACL Laptop

      AMD APU Quad Core A6 6th Gen Processor
      4 GB DDR4 RAM
      64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
      500 GB HDD
      Pre-installed original Windows 10 Operating SYSTEM
      15.6-inch display

Buying this Lenovo laptop in India is around Rs.23,000.

4)    Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Laptop

      Intel Core i3 7th Gen processor
      4 GB DDR4 RAM
      Linux/Ubuntu Operating System
      1 TB HDD
      14-inch display

The cost of this Dell notebook in India is around Rs.27,000.

5)    HP 14q APU Dual Core A4 Laptop

      AMD APU Dual Core A4 processor
      4GB DDR4 RAM
      64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
      256 GB SSD
      No vibrations and noise
      More energy efficient
      Up to 75% reduction in the system boot uptime
      Fast performance up to 30% faster than HDD storage 

Buying this HP laptop in India will cost around Rs.21,000.

If you still have more queries on what laptop I should buy, or what are the best options that I can afford easily, you may also read the laptop buying guide for better directions. However, if you want to buy any of these best laptops without facing budget issues, then here is a great option. You can divide the price of a notebook over a tenor and pay fixed EMIs.


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