Tips And Tricks to Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

You have finally zeroed in on the venue for the wedding and are ready to send out the invitation cards for the big day. At the end of it all, it is now time to choose your honeymoon destination.

You might have long harboured the dream of spending your honeymoon on the sun-kissed Mauritian beaches, or indulging in the thrill of cruise ship travel. However, before you get down to planning the nitty-gritty, don’t forget to buy honeymoon travel insurance, considering it provides easy and comprehensive coverage for emergency travel assistance and last-minute trip cancellations.

If you are looking forward to your dream honeymoon, this honeymoon planning checklist, with top tips and hacks, can prove to be more than a handful:

-        Follow a time frame

With inputs from your partner, set a flexible yet definite time frame for yourself. This way, things would fall into place and plans come to fruition at the right time. For instance, booking flight tickets and accommodation should ideally start months ago.

Six months ahead of your honeymoon, you should start collecting information from various sources, look out for a dependable travel agent and fix a budget. Similarly, three months ahead of the day, you should start arranging all the necessary travel documents, and invest in a honeymoon travel insurance policy.

-        Pick your dream getaway

Newlyweds or not, a honeymoon is always going to be special for a couple. Go ahead and plan everything that needs to be considered for this special vacation. Decide on a honeymoon destination, depending on mutual interest and preferences.

Ideal destinations should offer you an intimate ambience, with the right mix of privacy and revelry, so that you can make your honeymoon unforgettable, and pack home a thousand different memories to savour.

-        Choose an appropriate package

It is essential that you choose an exciting package, should you want your honeymoon to turn out memorable. You can look up the web for a number of honeymoon packages that are designed to offer you the best value for money.

Irrespective of whether you want a lavish stay or simply a tranquil escapade from the city’s humdrum, there is a wide range of honeymoon packages that you can tailor to suit your preferences.

-        Blend relaxation, sightseeing and adventure

The best way to enjoy your honeymoon is to plan an itinerary that features an optimum blend of adventure and relaxation. This way, you wouldn’t be tiring yourself out while indulging in the best of experiences.

For example, if adventure sports get your heart racing, you might be tempted to go on a trek, or indulge in water sports, for that matter. But at the end of a long day, you would want to unwind and relax with your spouse as well. The idea is to not wear yourselves out so that you can have the best of times.

-        Choose your accommodation carefully

The good part of planning your honeymoon in advance is that you can take your time in choosing the best accommodation possible. Choosing a hotel that offers the perfect ambience is as critical as choosing the destination itself.

So no matter where you are headed to, a hotel that doesn’t offer you fitting amenities – proximity to famous spots, proximity to a social and retail hub, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, in-house spa, etc. -- can be a mood dampener.

-        Be prepared to tackle unanticipated expenses

Bear in mind that there can be a slew of hidden costs that you simply cannot ignore. The idea here is that you cannot pre-empt every situation that life throws at you.

For instance, on your honeymoon, you might find yourself stranded in unfamiliar territory, with no prior hotel reservation. Alternatively, you might meet with a freak accident that requires immediate medical intervention.

Therefore, it is advisable to always carry extra cash in order to tackle these adverse circumstances. Also, that is precisely why you should buy honeymoon travel insurance well ahead of your trip. You can compare policies online and then select the one in keeping with your needs.

For instance, the honeymoon holiday cover from Bajaj Finserv offers a high sum insured up to Rs.3 lakh at an affordable annual premium of Rs.699 only. Moreover, with this honeymoon travel insurance in your kit, you can block lost debit and credit cards with only a single phone call, and get a free replacement PAN card on priority.

Besides, you also get an emergency hotel and travel-related assistance up to Rs.50,000 (in India) and Rs.1 lakh (overseas). Further, in case you lose your phone, this honeymoon travel insurance includes a provision for a temporary smartphone that will be delivered to your doorstep. This way, you would be able to connect with your family and friends and intimate them about the situation.

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