High Cholesterol-Lowering Diet for Better Heart Health

Heart disease is considered as one of the most primary cause of death as per different reports obtained from different sources.  Today it is one of the most concerning features for most of us.  To add to it, high cholesterol is another issue that is creeping in into our daily life as well.  Today we will be looking at few of the best high cholesterol lowering diet that we can intake on regular basis.  This will not only keep our body healthy and fit but also will reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiac problems as well.  So let’s start with the topic.


This fruit is rich in nutrient and has got a rich source of monounsaturated fats and fiber to it.  This property helps lowering of the LDL which in turn increases good amount of HDL cholesterol in our body.  This fruit is best in lowering our cholesterol as per report.  Those who have obesity problems thus can take Avocado on a regular basis and within few days can feel the change from within.  Avocado is easily available in the market these days and can be tried easily for good benefit.  It comes under the list of world healthiest food as well which you can get directly online with using Healthians Coupons.

Whole grains

When we speak about whole grains we generally speak of oats and barley.  These two grains have the repute of lowering our cholesterol to a greater extent when taken on a regular basis.  Containing rich amount of beta-glucan these two grains helps in lowering the total cholesterol of our body by around 5% which decreased the risk of heath attacks and other heart related issues as per report.  Thus as per doctors, one must regularly include these two whole grains in their diet chart to eradicate heart diseases and keeps one healthy and fit.


Almond and walnuts are two very popular variants of nuts that have huge amount of nutritional benefits added.  Added with high amount of monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fat associated these nuts decreases the risk of heart diseases in an individual to a great extent.  On a regular basis they try to reduce the cholesterol amount from out body and blocking it get absorbed into your intestine as well.  Nuts contain a good amount of magnesium and potassium, calcium as well that reduces blood pressure.  Regular intake of nuts will make our body cut down the excess of cholesterol.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is another popular diet that will surely reduce the risk of heart attack when taken on a regular basis.  Fatty fish has got a high content of Omega-3 that increases HDL cholesterol and in return reduced the risk of inflammation and heart diseases as well.  As per study from various sources it has been found that it has the capacity of reducing heart diseased by around 27%.  One must remember that the best and the healthiest way to eat fish are to bake or steam in order to get the whole of its nutrients.


Legumes better known as pulses that include beans lentils and peas can certainly reduce the risk of heart diseases and keep our body fit and active for a long period of time.  They have a high content of fiber, protein and minerals that kills the bad cholesterol to a very great extent.  As per study, the bad LDL cholesterol can be lowered by an average of 6.6 mg/dl when taken on a daily basis in our diet chart.  It also helps in weight loss, improves vitality and provides a good amount of nutrient into our body as well.  So those who are suffering with heart diseases of any type can surely add a good amount of legumes in their daily diet, just get latest updates free of cost by subscribing us for SBI Careers.


This is one of the best choices to go for when you are suffering with cholesterol issues.  Fruits of different kind contain soluble fibers which help greatly in reducing the cholesterol in our body.  It stops the cholesterol growth and due to its bioactive compounds production reduces the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.  Regular intake of fruits such as berries and grapes that have a rich source of plant compounds is a must for all those who are suffering with heart problems.

Thus it is always important to maintain a diet that contain good amount of these above mentioned products in order to reduce cholesterol and stay fit.

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