What is The Brain Tumour Treatment Cost in India and How Does it Vary?

Brain Tumour is one of the most complex medical procedures. Based on the position of the tumour, the consequences of the treatment vary. The result of the treatment if it is not at the treatable point, can result in harmful effects.

In such conditions, the surgeons do not perform surgery for a brain tumour. Instead, they proceed with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The cost of treatment depends on the procedure of the treatment followed.

However, irrespective of the brain tumour treatment procedure, Brain Tumour Treatment in India Cost is minimum. Regardless of the state, you compare the cost of treatment; you will realise the value of the procedures is too low.

The starting cost of treatment in India is USD 6,000 only. It can go as high as 10,000 dollars in India. Still, it would remain 50 to 60 % less than other states.

Factors that Vary the Cost of Brain Tumour Surgery in India:
Several factors vary the price of brain tumour treatment in India. It includes:

Choice of Hospital:
The cost of the stay, as well as surgery in every hospital, is not the same. For some hospitals, it is high while for others, it is low. So, the overall cost of the treatment varies depending on your choice of hospital. The variation is usually +- 5%.

The Procedure of the Treatment:

The procedure of the treatment is different depending on the condition of the patient. As the process varies, so does the price of brain tumour surgery. In short, we can say that the cost of the treatment varies depending on the medical condition of the patient.

Preference of Surgeon:
The fees of not only consultants but also the surgeons vary from one another. In the case of major medical concerns, the condition of the patient differs from one another considerably, and the surgeon's charge also varies. There may be a remarkable difference in two medical teams operating the patient for the same medical disorder.

Medicines and Diagnosis:

The expenses included in diagnosis before and after the medical treatment of the patient cost them differently. The patients who suffer only from the brain tumour may have a low cost of medical tests, while others who have additional health disorders may have higher prices. Also, some cysts subside only after surgery, while others require additional procedures like chemotherapy or radiation therapy depending on the condition of the patient.

Same applies to the pharmacy expenses. Some patients spend higher, while others may have comparatively lesser costs. Everything depends on the response of the patient to the treatment.

Final Words:
So, if you are looking forward to the brain tumour surgery, you can plan to undergo treatment in India. Brain Tumour Operation Cost in India is lower than any other state across the globe. At the same time, the success rate of treatment is higher than any other country around the world. So, you get to receive the best-in-class brain tumour surgery within an economical range.

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