Tired of cracking your phone screen often,Then read This!!!

Mobile phones are lifelines these days. One can live without food for one day but can’t survive without phone. Phones these days are more a screen rather than anything else. So with larger the screen larger the risk to break it. Therefore breaking your screen has become a common phenomenon with no solution as whatever gorilla glass series may come screen is not secure against cracks. If you break your new S10 screen then the only option seems to visit repair my Samsung store. But we have something that can save you from going there in very first instance,  its using some techniques only can help you save your phone.

Never use your mobile with one hand
It's a lot simpler for your mobile to drop out of one hand than two, even with highlights like Reachability. It very well may entice when you're conveying something like an espresso in your other hand to whip out your telephone to check your notices or change the melody, however it's an ill-conceived notion. You're simply taking a risk. A little bumble while you walk, a concise snapshot of absentmindedness while you remove it from your pocket, or only a subsequent's slip by close by eye coordination and crush.

Use a cover or case to protect it
There are many various cases accessible, some great, some dreadful. We'd suggest pondering how effectively you've clung to your old telephone. I once in a while drop my telephone so I feel quite alright keeping it in a slender case with a little lip over the screen. In the event that you drop your telephone all the more regularly, put it in something that could endure the atomic end of the world.

One thing to note is that a great deal of plastic cases won't be any grippier than glass—actually, they may be less grippy—yet they do offer some insurance in the event that you drop your telephone. In the event that you need something truly grippy that doesn't offer as a lot of assurance, go with a silicon case like this one from Samsung.

Use features like accessibility
A major piece of the issue with enormous mobiles is that you're compelled to ungracefully go after the highest point of the screen, giving you an ideal chance to coincidentally run it to the ground. Google, tragically, hasn't included any Accessibility -like highlights into Android, however a few producers like Samsung have moved their own. Either three fast taps on the Home catch or an askew swipe up from the base right corner makes the screen shrivel, making it simpler for you to arrive at things.

In the event that you have an Android mobile, things are much increasingly convoluted. There's no basic one stop shop. Rather, you should search for a protection strategy that spreads coincidental harm, since it's exceptionally impossible that you'll have the option to contend that the screen got broke due to an assembling imperfection as opposed to your margarine fingers. So use these techniques so as to save your screen but if you still met with an accident unavoidable then there won’t be any other option than visiting nearest samsung repair store to get it fixed.

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