Supplement Time: Timing is Everything

Supplements are crucial components to achieve a proper well build physique and to improve the training performance. It helps in gaining the ability while building muscles and losing the weight. Good quality and original supplements should be bought from the exclusive stores or BUY SUPPLEMENTS ONLINE INDIA from the official websites. But the important thing is to take the right amount of supplements and at the right time. As Excess of everything is bad, so excess intake of supplements can also have severe effects on the body. “Timing is Everything,” and if supplements not taken at right time, there impact will be less. If whey and creatine are consumed around training, their benefits are instantly visible and provide greater results.

The timings at which supplements should be consumed are:

·         In Morning: After waking up, the body has been fasting from the last 5-8 hours and it starts getting fuel from the muscles which needs to be stopped immediately by consuming whey protein shake, as it is gets digested in no time and under 15 minutes its amino acids provide energy to the body. Eggs, chicken or dairy products take long time to assimilate and to provide energy. Having fruit along with the whey protein shake will be icing on the cake.

o   After 30-45 minutes of consuming whey protein shake, you can eat whole food like eggs and dairy products.
o   Between breakfast & lunch (60-100 minutes after breakfast), you can have a green tea extract which helps in losing weight and fat and also assists in muscle and joint rehabilitation.

·         In afternoon: Having fish oil prior or after having lunch is very beneficial and have good and healthy diet in lunch alongwith a bowl of fruits.

·         Pre-Workout (1 hourprior training): To enhance the strength, stamina and weight loss while training, pre-workout supplements will be the best bet. A dose of green tea or caffeine will encourage you for an extreme training and will increase the fat burning. Nitric oxide supplement helps in boosting endurance and assists in muscle growth.

o   (20-30 minutes prior workout): Now, it is the time to fuel the body. Amino acids are required by the muscles while training which can be taken through whey protein, which will assist in muscle growth.

·         Post-workout (40 minutes after exercise): Now it is the time to recharge the body which can be done through whey protein shake, creatine or casein protein and avoid fruits after workout.

o   At the time of dinner, a dose containing Vitamin C, Vitamin D and calcium has to added because while training, a lot of micronutrients are lost.

·         At Night (45 minutes prior going to bed):Casein protein which is slow-digesting protein helps you toavoid muscle breakdown. Fish oil should also be consumed at this time which will help in providing energy to the body and muscles to grow.

The benefits of supplements will be increased if taken in right amount and at right time. People searching for good and genuine supplements can search ONLINE SUPPLEMENTS INDIA on their browser and can get their order delivered at their doorstep.

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