Mathematics is the study of numbers, patterns, and shapes. It helps the individual to think creatively and analytically to solve the problems in day to day life. Mathematics helps to understand or how to play with numbers in life. It helps to encourage interest among individuals to think them logically.
Mathematics consists of education of:
·     Numbers: In this, we study how objects or things can be calculated. 

·  Structure: In this, we study how things or objects are structured. This discipline is known as algebra.

·    Place: In this, we study how things or objects are arranged. This discipline is known as geometry.

· Change: In this, we study how things change or become identical. This discipline is called analytics.  

The mathematics subject is needed in every step from the beginning of life. But to have proper knowledge about the subject, level is needed to be increased at every stage. Therefore, it will help the students to think logically and it will help to focus on the subject so that in future they can break the records of a mathematician. The course that the CBSE mathematics class 7 includes the syllabus of data handling, integers, fractions, and decimals,simple equations, lines and angles, triangles, rational numbers, geometry, perimeter and area, algebraic expressions, exponents and powers, symmetry and last topic is visualizing solid shapes. These chapters are decided by the CBSE education board. It provides the best knowledge to the student. The book that students can follow is Mathematics NCERT which is a guideline according to CBSE only.

The tips or guideline to crack the 7th standard Maths exams are

·         Make a Plan to Study Maths: how much specified time you want to give for this subject which can be to practice only on weekdays or weekends. Just plan your time table.

·         No Cramming: start preparing at the moment when your school or class begins. Avoid starting preparations before a day of the exam. It will not help you to understand the subject properly and cannot achieve the desired results.

·         Proper Study Area: it will help to avoid all distractions. The main distractions are the mobile phone. When you are studying, try to switch off the phone and just focus on your study at a proper place. Try to study on a table and chair instead of the bed. Also try to focus on one thing, while doing multiple tasks at a time will reduce your productivity.

·         Study Techniques: the best techniques are to give proper time to each subject or each chapter and the timer can be broken down into smaller intervals. The time that can be followed is 25 minutes of study and 5 minutes of break.

The mathematics is an easy task, if once understood by the students. The math question paper for CBSE class 7 is available online. One can practice these papers to secure good marks. The question paper provides an analysis of the exam pattern. Also, it helps to identify the level of questions i.e. easy, moderate and difficult. Mathematics plays an important role in our life. So, plan to work and secure good marks in maths. These course concepts will be used in higher classes.

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