How to Apply for Bajaj Credit Card Using Online and Offline Method?

According to studies, around 48% of surveyed individuals with both credit cards and debit cards prefer the former. One of the benefits of using a credit card is that the amount of credit utilised is interest-free if you pay your bills within the grace period.
Several financial institutions and NBFCs offer credit cards against minimal charges. Bajaj Finserv is one such NBFC that provides you with credit cards with facilities like convenient application process, faster approval, emergency loan availability, ATM withdrawal facility, etc.
You also get to enjoy the Bajaj credit card apply online process on which you can conveniently apply for these credit cards.  Given below are some of the steps that you can follow to apply.
Step 1. Visit the online website of Bajaj Finserv.
Step 2. On the website, fill the respective online application form.
Step 3. Provide necessary financial and personal details like your name, phone number, income, etc.
Step 4. After you have filled out the application form, request for an OTP.
Step 5. Once you receive the OTP on your registered mobile number, provide the same to proceed.
Step 6. Select the suitable card for you and furnish the documents required for the credit card apply online process.
Processing fees, interest rates on emergency loans and ATM withdrawals are some of the things to know before applying for a credit card.
Types of cards
Bajaj Finserv provides you with seven kinds of credit cards to suit your financial needs. These variants are:
       Platinum Plus SuperCard
       World Prime SuperCard
       Platinum Choice First-Year-Free Super Card
       Doctor’s SuperCard
       Platinum Choice SuperCard
       World Plus SuperCard
       Platinum Plus First-Year-Free Super Card
You can apply for any of the credit cards mentioned above depending on your lifestyle and requirements.
Apart from the credit card apply online process; applicants can also opt for the offline process by following the below-mentioned steps.
Step 1.             Visit the official website of Bajaj Finserv to gather information about their partner outlets.
Step 2.             Make purchases in those partner outlets and request for a Bajaj credit card apply offline.
Step 3.             Furnish the required documents to complete the process.
Required documents
While you apply for a credit card, you will have to provide some necessary papers like –
       KYC documents- Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID, passport, driving licence, etc.
       Residency proof- Utility bills like water bills, electricity bills, gas bills, telephone bills, etc.
Besides the above, you will have to provide your passport-sized photograph. You may also have to furnish other documents; however, the requirement of additional papers will depend on your card issuer.
Benefits of credit cards
Credit cards like RBL SuperCard offer multiple benefits to its users, such as –
       ATM withdrawal- Individuals get to enjoy ATM withdrawal facilities without any interest applied up to 50 days.
       Robust security- These credit cards are provided with immense security to avoid cybercrime and fraud.
       Emergency loan- Applicants can avail emergency advances with 0% interest up to 90 days.
       Reward points- Individuals get to earn reward points against specific transactions. They can redeem these reward points against their next purchase. These reward points help in reducing the credit card outstanding balance. Various transactions will provide you with different rates of reward points, thus, make sure to inquire your card issuer about the same.
Also, you get to enjoy pre-approved offers which ease the application process and save your time. These offers are available on credit cards and other financial products like home loans, business loans, personal loans, etc. You will have to provide your name and phone number to check your pre-approved offer.
You can also increase your credit score using a credit card. Consider paying your credit card bills within the grace period to avoid penalties and accumulation of debt and also to prevent from interest rates being levied on your outstanding dues. Also, you get to earn a welcome bonus with easy Bajaj credit card apply process. These welcome rewards are given to you once you sign-up for these cards for the first time.

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