Tips and Tricks For Cleaning Your Painted Walls

Once you have got your home walls painted, it is necessary to clean these regularly to retain the appealing look of the walls for a longer duration of time. On the other hand, improper cleaning can cause damage to the wall paint. Keep the dust off the wall free and strain-free to retain the appealing look of your home. Remember that paint is the face of your home which can both enhance and damage the overall look of your home. Here you will get to know about some tips and tricks from the best commercial painting services providers to clean your painted walls.

Steps to follow for cleaning your painted walls

Step no. 1: First of all, determine the type of paint you want to clean. Because if you want to clean semi-glossy or glossy paint then washing is an ideal option, while on the other hand when it comes to painting such as flat, eggshell latex and other then you should avoid washing and rubbing of the walls.

Step no. 2: Now, start with dusting the walls using a microfiber. Avoid wetting the walls until the dusting of the walls completes. Unless it can create a mess and can cause stains on the wall. 

Step no. 3: The next thing you have to do is lay a towel or drop cloth to catch all the dust onto it. This cloth is used to catch the debris that will fall from the walls during dusting of the floor.

Step no. 4: Use a mild conditioner to clean the walls. Start by cleaning the walls dipping a cloth in warm water and mild detergent. If there are some parts of the walls that have dark patches which are stubborn and you are not able to clean these with detergent then it is recommended you to use vinegar, baking soda, and diluted ammonia. Let the solution still on the wall for 5 minutes to get better results. Never use the abrasive scrubbing brushes on the walls because it can peel the paint of the walls.

Step no. 5: Now it is time to dry the wall thoroughly. Use a towel to dry the wall. Dry walls one after the other. Excess amount of water can damage the water paint. If weather permits, open up the windows and fan to dry the wall at a rapid rate.

This is how you can keep your home paint clean and dust-free using these steps. If you are looking painting professionals for your home, this is the perfect place for you.

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