Guide for Choosing a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is an appliance that is a must in all homes during summer. You may be looking to buy an outdoor or indoor ceiling fan for the very first time, or looking to replace an old one. In any case, the choices can be overwhelming. There are a number of ceiling fan companies in India, each having a plethora of choices to choose from. Determining the kind of ceiling fan you want can surprisingly turn out to be a decision more complex than you would imagine.
You need to consider a lot of factors before settling on the fan you want. While sifting through the catalogues, each fan would be rated among the best ceiling fans in India. But you got to find the most well suited, which might not necessarily be the best. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying a ceiling fan:

1.      Deciding the place of installation

Most people place the fan in the centre of their rooms, which allows a smooth flow of air throughout the room. Large rooms, however, require a set of 2 fans to guarantee a similarly optimal air flow. For safety reasons, it is advisable to not install the fan over a bed.

2.      Considering the different room factors

The various factors you need to keep in mind are:

  1. Room size:

A 30 inch fan for rooms sized till 8’ by 10’
A 42 inch fan for rooms sized till 12’ by 12’
A 52 inch fan for rooms sized till 18’ by 20’

  1. Ceiling height:
A low ceiling demands a traditional mount without a down rod, or a hugger mount
An 8’ ceiling requires a traditional mount along with a down rod
A 9’ ceiling requires an extended down rod
A sloped ceiling requires an extended down rod

3.      Thinking about electricity

Fans draw a huge amount of current, almost the same as most fixtures for the ceiling. You should keep in mind that the circuit isn’t overloaded. Many fans nowadays come with a light fixture, so ensure that the circuit will be able to handle both of them simultaneously. If your normal circuit cannot handle the load, install a new one from the main panel of your home. You may need to create a fixture for hanging the fan, if your home does not have a pre-existing one. If you don’t find proper wiring, some fans come with swag firing which can be directly plugged into an outlet. It is wise to consider an electrician.

4.      Choosing a good quality fan

One thing that you must never compromise on, when buying anything, is quality. A cheap fan will invite more trouble than it will avert. It might wobble more than usual, and won’t give you a lot of RPM (rotations per minute). Along with speed, the pitch of the blade, that is, the angle between the horizontal and the blade also plays an important role. Good quality fans have more powerful motors as compared to cheap ones. Cheap fans might also produce a humming noise, which may be barely noticeable at first, but might become irritating later.


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