Ayurveda - A perfect cure for hypertension

Today, many people experience the problem of hypertension due to stress and changing lifestyle. These people can develop severe problems such as heart stroke if not controlled. Many people consume allopathic pills to regulate their blood pressure level and constantly meet their physicians. But, ayurvedic medicines are effective. Some of the common symptoms of hypertension are fatigue, headache, and irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, pounding of neck, chest and ears. People who constantly consume tea, coffee or alcohol can experience sudden rise in blood pressure.

According to ayurveda, a person should balance three elements of the body or doshas namely water, air and fire. Our body contains these three elements. According to ayurveda, it is caused due to imbalance of Pitta (fire element) and Vata (air element). Due to this problem, these people are easily prone to anger. So, the ayurveda suggested that these two elements in the body should be balanced. These people should always control their anger and sometimes due to sudden rage, their level of blood pressure rises. So, ayurveda provides some of the medicines to control the level of blood pressure. The pregnant woman should always eat healthy food because during pregnancy they are prone to this problem. If they consume tea or coffee excessively, their level of blood pressure can rise. So, a person with hypertension can consume some medications that provide long-term treatment. By consuming these medications, a person can balance the air and fire element and hence control his level of blood pressure. The other medications do not help in balancing the energies of the body, but they just reduce the level of blood pressure.

The best hypertension ayurvedic treatment ismukta vati’ as it controls the level of blood pressure in the body. It reduces the level of blood pressure with a short period of time. It also does not cause any side effects.  It provides the following advantages to the patient. It can reduce the level of blood pressure in the blood. Also, it helps in purifying the blood, protecting the liver, improving memory, relieves problems such as insomnia, and even recharges the mind. These medicines initially reduce the symptoms of the people suffering from hypertension. Then, they purify the blood and improve the process of circulation. They activate the mind and relieve a person from stress. Then, obviously when the level of stress is reduced, then the person is able to control his level of blood pressure.

The medicine mukta vati comprises of useful ingredients that improve the blood circulation process in the body. It is a natural Ayurvedic cure for hypertension that provides relief to the person suffering from hypertension. The pack contains 120 tablets and the patient should follow the advice of the physician different people suffer from different levels of stress. The people with high level of hypertension are normally recommended 2 tablets of 160/100 mm H daily. The people with moderate level of hypertension should consume 150/90 mmHG 2 tablets per day. The level of hypertension persistently increases for some people. So, they should consume this medicine regularly.   


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