Importance of Travel Insurance Policy While Travelling

The sheer numbers of Indians who undertake domestic and international trips every year is a proof that Indians love to travel. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, more than 1.03 billion inter-state trips happened in 2017 across India, and over 20 million people (excluding international students) travelled abroad. This number is expected to grow in leaps and bounds to touch 50 million by 2020.

Travelling, as enthralling as it is, always entails a certain degree of risk. There can be emergencies, both medical and non-medical, which can potentially ruin the entire experience. Being prepared is the key in such situations, and a travel insurance policy can help you take care of the monetary aspect during emergencies.

Why is travel insurance important?

Travelling in itself is quite expensive. There are multiple costs to take care of and any substantial emergency expenses can be financially challenging, and often unfeasible. That is where a travel insurance plan can prove to be extremely beneficial. These policies provide the necessary financial cover to the insured against any unplanned scenarios and respective expenses that can potentially ruin their trip itinerary.

Here are some crucial reasons why you should travel with a comprehensive insurance coverage.

·         Helps you meet unforeseen medical expenses

There’s probably nothing worse than visiting an unfamiliar place and falling critically sick there or meeting with an accident. An unforeseen medical condition while on a trip is not only supremely inconvenient but can be very expensive too. Arranging for funds while on trip can prove to be difficult, which is magnified if one is travelling abroad where healthcare treatments can be quite heavy on the pockets.

A travel insurance from Bajaj Finserv allows one to travel without worrying about the monetary implications of medical emergencies. With this policy, you can avail an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakh to meet any medical expense you may incur.

·         Covers you from non-medical emergencies

There can be any number of things that can potentially go wrong when you are travelling to a new place. From ticket cancellation to loss of KYC documents or tickets, you may face numerous challenges which can be inconvenient and cause you harm. There can be situations where you are stranded on the trip without being able to return. You can get the necessary financial coverage to tackle such untoward incidents with a comprehensive online domestic travel insurance policy.

·         Covers your personal effects

Loss or theft of baggage is inarguably one of the worst things that can happen to someone while on a trip. You may lose your money, crucial documents, or tickets, which can be hard and financially challenging to retrieve. A travel insurance policy protects you from such expenses with a coverage of up to Rs. 1,15,000.

·         Protects you from personal liabilities

A travel insurance plan not only protects you from medical and non-medical emergencies, but also covers any liability arising out of third-party damages. In other words, if you accidentally cause damage to another person or property, and are held liable, a personal trip liability insurance cover from Bajaj Finserv can easily come to your assistance. Expenses you are liable to incur in case of such damages are covered under the policy comprehensively.

These are some of the primary reasons why you should always buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy before you travel. It gives you the necessary peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation.

If you want to buy a travel insurance policy in India, you can choose from a range of travel insurance products offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance category. They offer different types of insurance policies such as Trek Cover, Pilgrimage Insurance, and Road Trip Cover depending on the nature of your vacation and its possible pitfalls.

An insurance policy while travelling is a necessity that one shouldn’t ignore. Financial instability while one is in an unfamiliar territory can be difficult to overcome without the necessary timely and substantial financial backup. Avail the necessary cover with an insurance plan and enjoy your vacation without any worries.

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  1. I like your full article..but specially i like this points:-

    · Protects you from personal liabilities,Helps you meet unforeseen medical expenses


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