5 Plumbing Problems You Can Fix Easily

Plumbing works are one of the most requested services. Every now and then there is a faulty pipe which needs fixing. Therefore it is necessary that you learn some DIY plumbing so you can handle stuff easily. Sometimes the plumbing problems are not so serious and can be easily fixed with few tools. However, there are also some problems which need professional attention. At that time, it is advised to go for professional plumbers. If you want plumbing in Bexleyheath, then there are many qualified plumbers in the town.

Here are a few basic plumbing works that you can do:

Running toilet

This is one of the most common plumbing problems. What happens in the running toilet problem? Post flushing, the water keeps flowing in the toilet bowl. It means there is a problematic level in the water tank of the toilet. In order to fix, you have to remove the lid and locate the chain which probably will lie in the bottom. You have to attach the chain to the lever. However, there are a few cases where the chain is damaged. And in such cases, you need to go for professional plumbing in Bexleyheath to fix it.

Dripping faucet

Is your faucet dripping water continuously? Then you must quickly fix your faucet. If it has a steady drip then probably the faucet needs to be replaced. To fix it, turn the water off and open the handle by unscrewing. Check the washer and the O-ring for any kind of damage. You simply need to replace it with a new washer and rearrange the pieces as they were. However, if the water dripping continues, there may be some other problems that need attention. At that time you may need professional plumbing in Bexleyheath to fix the problem.

Trickling shower head

This is another common problem that the professionals have to deal with. If your showerhead does not water through some holes or sprays water in various directions then there may be some problem. Generally, in most cases, it has been found that the shower head or the spray plate has limescale build-up. Therefore, what you need to do is remove the spray plate and the shower head. Soak both these in the descaling solution. This will remove the dirt and the limescale build-up. Once done, you need to reassemble the parts. This will definitely fix the problem.
Trying to fix your plumbing problems is fine. There are many easy plumbing solutions that you can do yourself. However, if there is a major issue, you should get help from professional plumbers. They have the right tools and knowledge to fix major plumbing problems.


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