What Is the Meaning of Baby Born with Sunny Side Up?

There have been so many instances of mothers who had to go through a painful pregnancy, and in most of the cases, the mothers felt severe back pain. For these reasons, they had to go through C-section delivery, and it was partly because of the baby born sunny side up.

This type of position in the baby while giving birth is common but abnormal at the same time. The medical term of this type is OP or occiput posterior. In this way, the baby’s head stays down but in a wrong way. The face of the child gets pressed under the pelvic bone, and if this becomes the case of yours then you will get more difficult during the delivery. Although, there are ways you can change this position of your baby, so, here we have covered the matter for your convenience.

About the OP position

If you want to know more about, what is sunny side up baby, then you must know that in several studies it has been found out that this type of baby position can be prevented.
  •          The OP is a common occurrence, it happens at the first stage of labor and happens to 30% of pregnancies.
  •          The babies rotate to a normal posture at the time of the birth and among them, only 5% gets the OP position.
  •          This type makes the labor long and painful, and vaginal delivery may be suggested, or C-section. The general number of, in this case, is done by C-section.
  •          The women who have their first pregnancy, they are the usual ones to get this OP position of their babies. Although, the risk of it is only 7%.

What you can do

The normal thing that can be done is a C-section delivery, and it attempts on the rotation of the baby and by the posture of the mother as well. You can try out the stance where you have to be on your hands and knees, with your chest is forward and you have to stretch your back. This posture will reduce the back pain you have been feeling, but this one is not a proved thing for the change in the baby’s position.

The baby position can be detected by ultrasounds, and the women have had the situation, they were asked to stay in the hands and knees position for a long time until the labor comes in the way. Also, the same can show up without getting into that stance.

On the other hand, you can stand up and walk, this can lower the back pain.

The end tale

In studies, it has been found that 76% gets relief from the OP position if they try out the above-mentioned posture. Persistent posture can also be cured by it. So, if you look at the bright side, you will see that at the time of the birth the baby rotates and gets into the right position.

However, the best thing is to do before the birth of your baby, is to talk to your doctor or the healthcare provider, and take options from them to make the situation better.

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