Types of Exotic Fruits You Can Send in Fruit Basket

A fruit basket is always a great option for gifting someone. When you are confused about what to gift someone, a fruit basket can be a savior. Often you don’t get any idea what to gift to your boss or seniors at workplace. An exotic fruit basket is really a great gift option in such cases. Also, if you are going to visit someone who is sick, the fruit basket is good to show you care. Don’t forget to attach a ‘get-well-soon’ note there. Even you can send a fruit basket to Pakistan same day without damaging the fruits at all. Whether it is a wedding or birthday parties, the beautifully decorated fruit basket is really a sophisticated and elegant gifting option. But, what fruits should you include in that basket? Here is the list to help you there. Have a good read.

1.      Passion Fruit

If you want to make the fruit basket happening, adding passion fruit is really a great option. This soft and juicy fruit tastes awesome and adding it into the basket can increase the level of the entire package. The fruit is rich in color and that’s why it is also a great choice to decorate the basket interestingly.

2.      Apples

The lush red apples are the heart of the fruit basket. If you want to send a fruit basket to Pakistan online or anywhere else, make sure the package contains apples in it. As this fruit has a long shelf life, you don’t need to get worried about being rotten. Also, almost everyone loves to have an apple and the benefits of the fruit are never-ending. So, there must be no confusion in sending apples in a fruit basket.

3.      Star Fruit

This peachy-tasted, green-colored fruit is really happening to add contrast to the fruit basket you are gifting your dear ones. If you are gifting a fruit basket to a kid, adding star fruit will be a good choice. The shape of the fruit attracts children and they like to have it because of its unusual shape. Star fruits come with lots of physical benefits as it is rich in anti-oxidants. So, from eight to eighties, you can gift a fruit basket with star fruit.

4.      Pears

Pears are another good choice to add in the fruit basket, but you have to be extra cautious with this fruit. Pears tend to get rotten easily; that’s why you need to concentrate on the packaging of this fruit, especially, if you are shipping it. Make sure that the plastic or foam cover of the fruit remains as it is until it is delivered as those coverings provide additional protection to the fruit.

5.      Dragon Fruit

If you want something in your fruit basket that is colorful and beneficial too, there is no better option than dragon fruit. The bright pink colored fruit looks awesome in that basket. Dragon fruits can be used in making smoothies and sundaes.

Hopefully, now you know why gifting fruit basket is really a great option. When you care for someone’s health, you can gift him/her a fruit basket. To make the basket more happening, add cookies and chocolates also.

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