Top 10 Most Extremely Amusing Christian Comedies Of All Time

Several years ago, at the Academy Awards, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly sang a hilarious song about the fact that comedies are always overlooked when season awards comes. ("A comedian at the Oscars, the saddest man of all," crooned Ferrell. "Your movies may make millions, but they're never going to call your name...") It worked just like all the great jokes, because it's true. Now, we're never going to be able to turn the clock back to give our favorite laugh riots the awards they deserve so much, but we can do our best to try to rectify things by calling attention to what we consider to be the greatest Christian comedy movies of all time available on a variety of Christian comedy channel that we've compiled right here.

1.     Monty python and the holy grail
King Arthur's tale and his coconut-banging knights kinda have a plot — it's about their quest to find Camelot, at least in the beginning — but the story comes second to a barrage of jokes and bits. If at least one of these classic one-liners hasn't been repeated in your life, it's arguable you haven't really lived.

2.     Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy
Will Ferrell plays an arrogant, dim-witted San Diego anchorman whose self-love is matched only by his women's mistrust. Ferrell is at his best when it comes to smuggling masculinity — just look at NASCAR racing doofus Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights— but he's never done it better than Ron Burgundy.

3.     Airplane!
Before joining the Airplane cast, it's hard to believe that Leslie Nielsen was considered a dramatic actor. He's a natural comedy player, and so is the rest of the cast in this one-liner and slapstick classic. Even if you don't laugh at every joke— we'll admit, some of them are corny — there's something here that's bound to tickle your funny bone. Have there been more jokes in a single christian comedy shows? We are doubting that.

4.     Young Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein's grandson (played by Gene Wilder) returns to Transylvania, and although he insists he has no interest in joining the family business, he still ends up creating his own creature. A fantastic parody of old black and white monster movies that also happens to be the best comedy for Mel Brooks, and that's something to say. It has just what it needed for the original Frankenstein film—more tap dancing.

5.     Napoleon Dynamite
The awkwardness of being a teenager was never so perfectly captured and bizarrely captured. It's easy to laugh at Napoleon because he's such a weirdo, but we're also rooting un-ironically for him because we all have a gawky nerdy kid with crazy hair.

6.     This is spinal tap
Believe it or not, not all audiences were on the joke during their initial run. "When Spinal Tap was first released, everyone thought it was a real band," says Rob Reiner, director. Even Ozzy Osbourne did not know that Spinal Tap's guys were merely comedians. Some rockers, like The Edge, thought the film cut too close to home. "I haven't laughed," admitted the Edge. "I've been weeping." Perhaps that's why this spinal tap is still considered one of the bestchristian comedy videos.

7.     Borat
Based on a character he had created for the Da Ali G Show, Sacha Baron Cohen's jaw-dropping "documentary." The result was legal proceedings, controversy, and possibly the end of the marriage of Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. But it was worth it because it gave us one of our lifetime's most satirically brilliant comedies. Because of this film, Cohen was called a comic revolutionary and was compared with everybody from Lenny Bruce to Andy Kaufman. We were not able to agree more.

8.     Duck Soup
The Marx Brothers— Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo — were never more on top of their game than this hilarious break through the absurdity of politics and nationalism. "Hail, hail Freedonia! It still makes us want to cheer! "(and laugh at lyrics like,' If you think this country's wrong now, just wait until I get through it.' Whatever your personal politics might sound true.)

9.     Ghostbusters
We guarantee that someone out there will be angry that we have chosen this particular movie to represent the best comedy of Bill Murray. Should Stripes instead be on this list? Or the Day of Groundhog? Or meatballs, too? We could always argue about what the funniest Bill Murray movie is, but can we at least come together and agree that Ghostbusters is a classic, and if you don't find it funny you might be a bit dead inside?

10.Raising Arizona
Before the Big Lebowski proved that the Coen Brothers were legends in filmmaking, and before Nic Cage got on everyone's nerves, there was this comedy gem about an ex-con and his wife who want a baby so much they're willing to kidnap it.

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