John Kang WebMD Specialist - Why Is Liquidmetal Preferred for Dental Implants

Liquidmetal is very popular today in several manufacturing and industry applications. It contains a mixture of several metal alloys and is known for its resistance to corrosion, better shelf life, and strength. It is used in the consumer electronics market, and Apple is showing interest to buy some Liquidmetal patents. Today Liquidmetal is very popular in the medical industry as well. It is extensively used for making medical implants and dental implants.
John Kang WebMD Specialist- why is Liquidmetal preferred for dental implants?

John Kang is a businessman in the medical industry, and he is a Liquidmetal specialist. He says that Liquidmetal has unique properties and this is the fundamental reason why it is becoming popular across the medical and the technology industry today. The John Kang WebMD Specialist team of experts believe that Liquidmetal will become the future of medical technology as well. It is widely used for medical implants as well as small dental implants. Now, the question is how it Liquidmetal popular for manufacturing these implants?

The unique properties of Liquidmetal for dental implants

He says that Liquidmetal is an amorphous metal and it can be processed in a vicious form in the same way like plastic. This means that the mix of metal alloys like copper, nickel, stainless steel and aluminum can be broken down into a liquid state at a high-temperature degree. Here, it does not need to be bent, cut, punched or even grounded to the desired form. Manufacturers are able to get exact precision products in just a matter of a few minutes.

From the above, the John Kang Liquidmetal specialist team says it is evident as to why Liquidmetal is preferred for medical and dental implants. The almost liquid nature of Liquidmetal helps manufacturers get the perfect cut and size they need for the implant no matter how small or oddly shaped it might be. If you examine dental implants, you will find they are very small in nature. Some are even tiny. It is here that Liquidmetal plays a crucial role in helping the medical industry get the perfect shaped medical or dental implant that is durable, exact in precision and has a longer shelf life.

The John Kang WebMD Specialist team also says that Liquidmetal is shock absorbent. Due to its manufacturing process, it is considered to be widely sought after in the market. In fact, Liquidmetal is even stronger than titanium- experts in the field say. It is a metal that cannot be bend and it is super resistant to the environmental effects of nature. This is why it is gaining popularity in the world of technology, manufacturing and medical industry today. There has been research conducted by esteemed company Liquidmetal Technologies that steel lost its efficacy after 100 cycles due to a decrease in the clamping force leading steel to yield. To test the above, a goal of 200 cycles was determined sans a reduction in the clamping force. For the same prototype design, Liquidmetal successfully completed 636 cycles.

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