How Does The Bit Guardian Parental Control App Work?

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Digital gadgets are inevitably an integral part of a kid’s life. Most activities conducted by your kid is technology driven, which is ideally a decent habit, but heavy reliance on digital devices is an alarming situation. Most child experts are worried about poor cognitive development, reducing social relations and growing health issues.

So, Is there a practical solution to separate kids and digital gadgets temporarily?

If you have brought up kids who are active in sports events, after-school activities and indulging in part-time jobs, then parental control app is your go-to app. Parents can breathe a lot easier with the presence of parental control apps.

Let us brush through, an application in the market. Bit Guardian Parental Control App works smoothly without any hiccups. Parents, struggling with complicated apps, can now get a good night’s sleep with the easy to operate Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

What is Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

We cannot blame the kids for being glued to cell phones when we adults easily get distracted. But as parents, we need to take appropriate action and aid to our kid’s correct development.
Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a next-generation parental control for the safety of digital savvy kids. The app offers protection in both the real and virtual world.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app has gained popularity in a short span of time owing to the easy to use user experience offered by the app.

Bit Guardian offers a combination of parental control features focused on smartphone addiction, which according to several reports is the primary distraction parents are fighting against. The app covers not only the parental control features but a whole set of reports, requests, and notifications which come in very handy.

How can I use the Bit Guardian Parental control app for kid’s safety?

Having a cell phone confirms you can stay in touch with your kid at all hours of the day, but the same gadget also opens doors for notorious activities. Let us read how Bit Guardian parental control successfully helped parents in fighting smartphone addiction and increased safety:

1.    Too much gaming

We know it's hard to physically monitor kid’s gaming habits in today’s corporate lifestyle. In spite of a few warnings and scolding your kids may continue playing their favorite mobile phone game behind your back.
To tame the little ones, Bit Guardian offers time schedule that allows parents to set the gaming hours and prohibit gaming in the other hours.

In the beginning, kids take this change very negatively, but eventually, when they adapt to the new rule, they will distract themselves by involving themselves in new hobbies and interests.

2.    Inappropriate apps

Kids are inherently curious and grow up with the habit of exploring new concepts and ideas, which results in the usage of unsuitable apps on their phone. Peer pressure plays a vital role in installation and introduction of new apps, but this should not mean kids can get a leeway to view inappropriate content.

Kiosk mode in Bit Guardian works on the same lines. Introduce a new launcher into your kids’ phone and manage the remote control of their phone via the parent device. Your kids can view and operate apps that have been permitted by the parent on the new launcher.

Another way of handling unsuitable apps is through app blocker. Your kid’s app list will be visible for viewing and blocking. Block any incompatible app that you find inappropriate for kids.

3.    Camping and trekking trips

Your kid’s stepping outside the door can still be handled, but them going on an overnight trip or school excursion is definitely a cause to lose sleep. Then, how do you keep track of their whereabouts? How do you confirm their safety?

Bit Guardian parental control app works in two ways;

-    Location tracking is the first way to keep a check of your kids’ location. As and when needed look into your kids’ current location using our maps. Find your kids at all times without losing your hair.
-    Geofencing- Assure yourself that your kids are in the right location at the right time of the day. To make this possible, Bit Guardian introduced geofencing that ensures tracking of your kids’ entry and exit into a defined location.

4.    I lost my phone mommy!

Kids are often careless with their belongings, and you cannot blame them if they lose their cell phones too. But Bit Guardian can do the least by tracking and reuniting kids with their cell phones.

Anti-Theft offers the capability to locate your phone, ring the phone to grab attention and set remote factory reset to secure your kid's personal data. Pheww!

5.    Racer kids on the road

Kids are reckless when it comes to road safety. Most of the time kids get overexcited and lose control of their speed limit.

We understand it is difficult for parents to keep an eye on their kids all the time; however, knowing their speed limit is no more rocket science.

With speed alert in Bit Guardian parental control app, get instant alerts sitting in your office if your kid has been caught speeding by the app.

All you need to do is fix the speed limit and warn the kids about crossing it. In case, you catch them violating the speed limit, you receive instant alerts, and your kids get immediate punishment.

6.    Unknown call stalkers

We have witnessed the problem of unknown callers and stalkers for ages. Now, with cell phones in our lives, the frequency has become rampant and causing more issues for young kids.

But do not to very! Bit Guardian has devised a smart solution for all suspicious callers (even if he/she is your kid’s friend). As a parent, if you get any red signals from your kid’s callers or friends, the app provides a simple technique to block the callers.

7.    In-app purchases and updates

No argument can deny the sharp brain of today’s generation. And when it comes to technology, your kids are always one step ahead of you. Why? Because they are inquisitive and love experimenting.

Many parents have observed kids buying in-app features and functionalities from the app store. As a result, Bit Guardian provided a simple solution to all parents to stop the habit. App install blocker restricts access to the play store. Neither kids can download apps, nor can they update any apps or buy any in-app feature.

8.    Panicked kids

Kids’ safety is one parameter which cannot be compromised at any cost. A large number of parents are struggling with kid’s day-to-day security in the real as well as virtual world. How can parents resolve this issue?

Parents can simply hand over the SOS and Pick me button to their kids. Bit Guardian parental control app works in favor of the kid’s safety. If your child is in danger, they can immediately trigger the panic SOS alert and grab the parent’s attention.

Same way, pick me is a simple tool that sends a notification to the parent to pick the child from a given location.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App review

The app has come a long way in a very short span of time. Since its introduction, the app had gained tremendous admiration for its simplicity and easy to use features. No doubt the app is well equipped with all the core parental control features but what distinguishes the app is that parents do not have to struggle with the setting up or operational buttons of the app.

Apart from the quick and easy installation, the well-designed dashboard and reports are highly appealing.  And this stands true for both parent and child device.
Your child is also not wholly handcuffed; the app issues a request to parent device if the child needs some modification in the rules.

The bottom line of the Bit Guardian Parental Control App review is – a brilliant blend of technology and digital parenting brought to you in the form of a comprehensive application.

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