The Most Unforgiving Diseases

Do you love life? Do you love spending your time doing the things you love, and you are passionate about? Do you want to be immortal and explore all the things in the world without restrictions? And this type of questions goes on and on, but the thing is human life has its limits.

We have a deadline, and so we try to comply, discover and learn new things within a given period of time and move on to a much more complex matter. That is why most of us feel restricted like we want to do so much more before our deadlines. In fact, most people are afraid of their deadlines or death, and this explains why discussing death is still considered taboo.

Death comes for us in many ways, and the most common is death by illnesses. Even with our technological and therapeutic advancement, times up is still times up for others. The thought of enjoying life to the fullest is so hard to achieve when you know you are limited because of these diseases, as it can seriously change a person's attitude, lifestyle and point of view. So what are the deadliest diseases that we should always look out for, for us to live life with caution and contentment?

Know Your Enemies

Heart Disease

This cardiovascular disease has been ranked first in this category. This is when blood vessels are narrower than normal or sometimes blocked causing a heart attack. This also causes chest pains to the patients and can be triggered in the simplest ways that are why people with a condition like this are advised to suppress strong emotions and are always supervised.

This disease is usually hereditary and is not easily diagnosed until the person experiences a heart failure. The usual symptoms of this condition are chest pains, shortness of breath, numbness and pain in the jaw, neck, throat, and abdomen. The general causes of this disease are the choice of lifestyle, selection of food, stress, excessive caffeine and alcohol and drug abuse.


Cancer is the duplication of abnormal cells in the body. As we all know, cells should always be replaced within five days, but some cells refuse to die and replicate themselves, this results in the growth of tumors in the body.

Cancer has been categorized into types according to on the organ that these cancer cells started to develop and spread out like leukemia or cancer in the blood and bone marrow, brain cancer or tumors in the brain and breast cancer or growth of abnormal cells in the breast. Cancer can't be detected easily, and this is usually hereditary, in some cases people develop cancer because of the choice of lifestyle.

Kidney Problems

This is the abnormal or decreased functionality in the kidney usually caused by diabetes and lack of water intake. This condition can worsen if there is no modulation of salty food consumption because this causes sodium retention. Though kidney problems can be hereditary, one leading reason is the choice of lifestyle, not taking good care of the body and too much consumption of unhealthy food. 

The usual symptoms of this disease are swelling of feet and ankles, itching, muscle cramps, not urinating enough, troubling sleeping and breathing. The abnormal functioning of the kidney can bring toxicity to the body.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is also linked to heart disease which means one can cause the other and the other way around. This happens when the force pushing blood to the walls of the blood vessel is spontaneously high or strong. Hypertension is a silent killer because you don’t know it is already happening in your body until you collapse for no reason and even before that, this condition already started destroying your body starting from the arteries and the heart.


Last on the list is stroke. If you have heart disease and is prone to hypertension, then there is a high chance that you are also at risk of this disease. Stroke happens when the oxygen and nutrients failed to reach the brain because a clot blocks the blood vessels or ruptured. Stroke is also the cause of long-term disabilities. 


Thanks to medical advancement, they have developed medications to combat these lethal diseases. For example, Spironolactone HCTZ drug, this medicine can treat three of the illnesses as mentioned earlier, namely heart problems, high blood pressure, and stroke. We are fortunate to have experienced its wonders. Now, people with these diseases can have a chance of enjoying life longer and happier, without constantly worrying about their condition.

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