DMLT Course – The Ancient Ayurvedic Art of Detoxification

A significant aspect involved in promoting as well as ensuring holistic health is ‘detoxification’. As a matter of fact, Ayurveda is being practiced for centuries in India and slowly has spread across the globe. Detoxification is performed in the form of Panchakarma, which is regarded to be a purification system. One can undergo the popular  DMLT Course from the reputed colleges in the country like OSPMI to gain knowledge and the much-coveted certification.

About  DMLT Course
Panchakarma therapy effectively means five therapies. They are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Ratamoskhana. Kapha toxins are removed by Vamana that are found within the respiratory system as well as the other body parts. The harmful toxins may cause obesity, skin disorders, asthma and allergies. Panchakarma’s main objective is to eliminate the impurities through detoxification process. Such impurities could have been accumulated with time. According to the experts, the belief is that once toxins are cleared, the person is likely to enjoy having healthy body. He will become happy and be able to make sound judgments. Periodic detoxification does ensure proper functioning of all the organs.
Some aspects to remember
There are several factors that are present in today’s fast paced, modern lifestyle that create difficulty for the human body. This may to do with digestion of food, emotional feeling and to enjoy leisure activities. Hence, toxins get accumulated in the body and get stored within the tissues. They are likely to cause low energy levels, various stress indicators and discomfort feeling. Through this therapy, the system can be made free from such toxins and the person made feel better.
Enjoy the treatment process
Based upon Ayurveda texts, the right time to avail Panchakarma treatment is during fall and spring season. However, it can also be availed at any time of the year. Through regular treatment, the person can enjoy overall health wonders. Candidates eager to enjoy a career in this field and to satisfy their patients should undergo the course only from OSPMI, a well-known college. Kerala type of Panchakarma gets administered as two therapy sets, namely Oleation and Fomentation. The former is said to make use of therapies making the user to sweat. The latter requires applying of special oils to the body.
Basic Ayurvedic treatments offered
·       Herbal Steam fomentation: The patient will be required to sit within a steam chamber in herbal steam. This will help rejuvenate the body, to provide relief from stress and to eliminate toxins.
·       Abhyanga: This body massage is performed using special medicinal oil. It focuses on the different body parts like the joints, head and arms.
·       Shirodhara: This particular therapy involves warm oil being poured on the forehead for about 30 minutes – one hour.
·       Potli: Special herbal bags are used for this massage. They get heated in oil and applied on the body through massage. It helps to reduce stress, provide relief to pain and nourishes the body.
·       Pizhichil: This therapy involves using of medicated oils combined with gentle body manipulations. It helps to promote calmness, relax muscles and to reduce tension.

OT Course is gaining popularity across the globe. Its demand has given rise to the need for professionals. Joining the reputed college like OSPMI is sure to help the person to get valid certification.

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