Advantages of starting a mainland LLC business setup in UAE

Mainland LLC business setup in UAE is also referred to as a limited liability company. Setting up a limited liability company in UAE demands to get trade licenses, registering your company, and getting the necessary approvals for company formation. The documentation and the process are mainly directed by the Department of Economic Development – the authority that manages all business activities in UAE Mainland.

Also, to set up a mainland company in UAE, you require a thorough knowledge of the UAE market and a local Emirati sponsor, who will own 51% of the company. This elaborate process could get cumbersome and expensive without the right guidance, expertise and connections. Yet a lot of people opt for mainland LLC business setup in UAE because it is not only the most effective way of penetrating within the UAE market but also offer multiple advantages.

Here are the seven listed advantages of starting a mainland LLC business setup in UAE:
1.      No currency restrictions
Mainland business setup offers easy currency transactions and has limited currency restrictions while doing business in Dubai.
2.      100% operational ownership
Although you might have learnt that a mainland LLC business setup in UAE requires a 51% partnership with a UAE local, you can still enjoy 100% operational ownership. Starting a mainland LLC business setup in UAE does not mean that you give out your ownership. With an investor protection contract also referred to as side agreement you can enjoy 100% ownership of a mainland business.
3.      No restriction of office location
You can rent an office space anywhere you like while starting a mainland LLC business setup in UAE. Usually, free zone or offshore businesses are restricted and can have their offices only within the given jurisdiction. This further limit free zones and offshore from exploring the market but a mainland LLC business setup has no such constraints.
4.      No corporate tax
In the year 2018 UAE introduced Value Added Tax at the rate of 5% which is a lot less in comparison to the rest of the world. Apart from this, there are no other taxes levied on most businesses in the UAE. Similarly, mainland business setups also have no corporate tax to be paid.
5.      No minimum capital requirement
Many jurisdictions in the free zone and offshore as well as selective business activities enforce companies to showcase a capital while starting their business. However, when starting a mainland business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE there are not such limitation. On the other hand, the Department of Economic Development encourages startup companies and offer affordable options to start a business.

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