10 Common Myths About Your Period

Woman, have you been told of do’s and don’ts during your menstruation? Have you been following and keeping track on it until now? Have you checked the truth behind those rules they’ve given to follow on your period? This is the time you clear of your life with those myths that might have clouded you throughout your menstruating life!

Common Myths

1.      Don’t wash your face or take a bath when you’re menstruating
There is absolutely no reason for you not to wash yourself while you are in your period. In fact, you should be more hygienic during those times otherwise you’ll stink, and a warm bath will soothe your menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension.

2.      You should not go swimming.
This primarily arose due to hygienic concerns especially in pools. It is perfectly safe to go swimming during your period. Your tampons don’t work in the water and will definitely not squash unless you squeeze it through.

3.      Do not exercise or do strenuous activities.
Menstruation is normal to women; it is not an injury nor a disability. Some women may experience menstrual cramps and pain which will inhibit them from doing their regular routine. But for normal and unpainful menstruation, there is no scientific explanation on limiting yourself from physical activities when you are in your red days.

4.      It is unhealthy to have sex.
This is definitely wrong! While some women find it uncomfortable and yucky to have sexual intercourse during their period, it’s perfectly okay to do so. There is no health risk associated with having “good time” while you are menstruating. There is even an evidence suggesting that sex can help relieve menstrual cramps. So if you feel like it, go on to it!

5.      You can’t get pregnant from sex during your period.
As your exact day of menstruation is unpredictable, so is the start of your ovulation. You need to ovulate in order to get pregnant which happens after your menstruations stops. There is a possibility that your fertile window overlapped with your menstrual period, which exposes you to the possibility of getting pregnant even if you had sex during menstruation.

6.      Your period should only last for a week.
7.      Every woman is unique. A woman’s menstrual cycle should not be the standard for another woman’s. Ovulation and menstrual cycles differ from woman to woman. Some women menstruate in 3 days, some may be in 1 or 2 weeks-time, all dependent on her hormones, genes, and ovulation and all other stuff.

8.      Virgins shouldn’t wear tampons.
Levels of comfort are relative from person to person. Some women, especially first-time menstruating girl will find it irritating and discomforting to use tampons for the first time. But wearing these tampons won’t take away your virginity from you if you decide to use it.

9.      You lose a lot of blood during menstruation
An average menstruating woman loses 2 to 3 tablespoons of blood during her period. But of course, there are outliers to the standards. If you bleed tremendously that you have to change from 7 to 10 pads per day should already bother you and you should immediately seek the help of a doctor to check on you.

10.  When you get your first period, you need to wash your face with the menstrual blood to have clear skin.

11.  You can’t touch the plants, or else the plants will wither and die.


Despite a lot of myths on your menstruation, one thing is inevitable – you have to use something to hold your menstrual flow. There have been a lot of products introduced, from the old traditional ways to the use of sanitary pads and napkins and tampons to the use of menstrual cups.

Menstrual cup is a type of reusable feminine hygiene product. It is commonly designed as small, flexible funnel-shaped rubber cup than you insert into your genitalia to collect fluid during menstruation. The use of menstrual cups posed a lot of benefits. They are budget-friendly, safer to use, could hold more blood than tampons, eco-friendly, and guess what, can be worn during sex. Many have already switched to using tampons especially those who have great concern on the environment.

You too should evaluate yourself from your current tampons today. Menstrual cup alternatives may be a jump-start to your healthier, cheaper and cleaner lifestyle.

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