Why Limestone Tiles Should Be Sealed?

Limestone tiles are tensile and thus are used in most of the houses. They are porous in nature. Sealing is required on the limestone floors so as to save it from dirt and moisture which can easily pass through its upper surface. Thus sealing is essential for maintaining its beauty. Specialized seals can be found in the market which made particularly made for cleaning limestone. Limestone sealer can be available invariance.

These are generally installed in the kitchen and bathrooms for decoration purposes. If you do not seal it regularly, water starts to permeate through the surface and damages the floor. It is said that sealers should be applied every 2 years.

How can limestone floors be sealed?

There is an entire procedure with the help of which limestone floors can be sealed. This should be done with utmost safety. Protective eyewear, dust mask, and gloves should be worn before starting the task. The room where the work is going on should be airy and well ventilated. Circulation of air is very important.


Before sealing, clean the entire surface thoroughly with the help of a vacuum cleaner or alkaline stone cleaner. Stone sealer should never be applied on dirty surfaces. This will help in the removal of the stains if any present on the surface. Use of acid is strictly prohibited on the floors as this can damage the floor and its shine. After cleaning, allow it to dry it completely.

Use the appropriate sealer

It is always recommended to use the appropriate limestone sealer. This sealer should have a penetrating consistency or otherwise, it will not work effectively. Some of the good sealers contain silicon which is used to maintain soft limestone surfaces. Ask the retailer if you have any doubt.


Proper application of the stone sealer should be done or otherwise, it will not give you a good outcome. After application, allow it to absorb for about 5 to 6 minutes so that it penetrates thoroughly. Now, rub the substance in circular directions to bring in the shine. The excess moisture gets removed in this way. Do it until it gets a shiny texture. Limestone sealers should never be mixed with water.

The above mentioned are some of the ways or tips which should be followed while sealing limestone floors. It is always advised to use the correct product so as to increase its longevity. Using degraded products will surely damage the surface and the shine of the floor.

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