Steps To Claim A Final Expense Plan Successfully

Nobody wishes to leave an additional burden on their loved ones and this is the main reason people are going to take care of their final expenses. Various companies are offering affordable final expense plans to help buyers manage those inevitable expenses in advance. However, people need the right guidance to choose a suitable plan for themselves and in this article, we are talking about the benefits of various plans and the steps to file a claim successfully.

Type of Plans

Traditional Funeral

These are the most common plans purchased and sold in the funeral insurance industry and help the buyers plan their final expenses properly. Under these plans, the buyer pays a fixed monthly premium to the insurer and they take care of all the funeral related arrangements and expenses. They ensure that the funeral takes place as the desire of the insured and the loved ones won’t have to pay for anything.

Pre-need Funeral

At some places, these are also known as prepaid funeral plans as the buyer has to pay the whole amount while buying a plan. Usually, these plans are bought from funeral homes and buyers can include the services of their choice ask multiple final expense insurance quotes for the same. These plans are great for those who have saved some money and don’t want the headache of paying the premiums every month. Moreover, the insured doesn’t need to worry about the price hike over the years and the loved ones also won’t have to worry about the same.

Benefit Payouts

Immediate Benefit

As the name says, the insured becomes eligible to receive all plan benefits immediately after buying a plan.  This means if the insured passes away even in the first year of buying the plan, the insurer will provide the loved ones with the coverage amount to help them arrange the funeral easily. Sometimes, providers directly pay to the funeral homes and they arrange the funeral in the desired way.

Graded Benefit

Under the modified graded plans, the insured isn’t eligible to receive all benefits immediately as they come with a waiting period. Most of the providers offer a plan with a waiting period of 2 years which mean the insured will be able to receive all benefits only after the period mentioned.

Steps To File A Claim For Burial Insurance

The benefits offered in these cheap final expense insurance plans can be availed only after a loved one or the beneficiary makes a claim successfully. There are a few steps that the beneficiary or a loved one needs to follow and, in this article, we are going to explain the same.

Informing The Provider

Whenever an insured passes away, the loved ones are supposed to inform the insurance provider as soon as possible. They may ask for some necessary documents and will contact a funeral home to help arrange the funeral as the wish of the insured. Most of the time, they directly pay to the funeral home and take care of the funeral related arrangements and expenses. In case of buying a pre-need plan from a funeral home, the loved ones are supposed to directly inform the respective funeral home and they will take care of all the necessary arrangements.

Submitting Required Documents

Family members need to complete some formalities to get their claim approved from the insurer. They might be asked to submit some documents to the insurance provider. Along with the with the death certificate of the insured, the provider will ask for the original copy of the policy contract(s). Also, they may need a medical certificate provided by a physician or a doctor that clearly states the cause of death. Other required documents may include the birth certificate and marriage certificates of the insured.

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