Reasons to Choose Content Delivery Network Providers Carefully?

The CDN or Content Delivery Network is a rather important part of any online business strategy. You will come across many enterprises which have signed up for cloud hosting today and which need reliable content delivery network providers to improve user experience for their clients. Content delivery network providers will deploy and maintain these CDNs for a variety of businesses, whether these are small and medium sized enterprises or Fortune 500 companies.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

A CDN is essentially a globally-distributed network comprising of many web servers which are committed to delivering content to end-users much faster. The content gets replicated across the network so that it will be cached in various servers spread across numerous geographical locations. The client will therefore be able to get copies of the data from an edge server which is nearest to it rather than all clients accessing one central server for the same content. This ensures that there are no bottlenecks and content gets delivered to the end-user speedily.

So, the main reason to sign up with content delivery network providers is to enhance user experiences. Content providers like the ecommerce vendors or media houses will pay the CDN providers for delivering content to target audiences. In turn, these CDNs will be paring the network operators, carriers and ISPs. Besides boosting the performance and page-loading speeds of sites and assuring better user experience, the CDNs also help by offloading traffic and ensure cost reductions for the provider. The CDNs are also more robust against DDoS attacks because they have distributed server infrastructure for absorbing volumes of attacks.

How To Choose Content Delivery Network Providers:

Ø  The content delivery network market has expanded significantly, and the number of content delivery network providers is only expected to shoot up. Choosing the right one for your business may be a tough task. One of the first things that you should try to understand is what the CDN is expected to offer you in terms of functions and features. You may many requirements on your list like the ability to view real-time statistics for CDN usage, uploading files via FTP etc. So, you need to define your business needs in order to choose the right CDN provider.

Ø  Another important consideration is the speed factor as speed is the key to success of any website. You must know how quickly these CDN servers can deliver files to your end-users. So, for every KPI you need to get the maximum, minimum and median for a reasonably long period and also during both peak and normal traffic hours. Apart from latency, you must check for the “power” of these servers. While servers can be close to your users, they may be slow and have obsolete hard drives. So, you need to ensure that the servers are tuned for better performance and have preferably SSD server drives so that they can respond to user requests faster. To be sure, you may conduct a trial with one or more CDNs in your preferred geographical region. You should monitor this test phase carefully to get real data concerning the CDN’s performance. Finally, you must compare the results from different networks to see which is most efficient.

Ø  Money is always crucial for running any business and prices are likely to vary from one CDN provider to the next. You can get custom plans and this is why you need to ask the provider first about this before you sign up. When considering costs, you must make sure the provider can give you 24x7 supports through chats, emails and phones.

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