Tips And Tricks: Immigration, How To Navigate Between All Visas?

There are several solutions to settle in Quebec or another Canadian province. The most important thing is to choose your status and your license according to what you want to do that is to say that the choice of your visa depends first and foremost on your project. For example, choosing a PVT (Work Holiday Program) can mean two completely different projects: doing a road trip by working a little near or looking for a stepping stone to permanent residence. You have to think carefully about your immigration plan and what you want in the long term. Here is a little overview of immigration.

Study permit

First of all, you can come to study here with student status, which allows you to immerse yourself completely in Quebec culture and to make friends more easily. In addition, with a Canadian degree in hand, you will have many benefits in the job market because recruiters will recognize your credentials.

EIC Experience

You can also choose to come to Quebec to travel and discover the North American culture thanks to the EIC experience. For that, you have the choice between the famous PVT and the Young Professionals license (JP) or the International Coop Internship. The PVT has become very popular in France for two years. This year, the first installment is gone in less than two minutes! This is an open work permit, which means you can work for any employer for two years.
Benefit: You can travel and work as you see fit and you are not attached to a city or an employer. Practice when you do not like his work!
Disadvantage: it is difficult to obtain this precious sesame, since the only condition for the French is to be between 18 and 35 years old and to have at least 2100 $ in his bank account, as well as a private insurance.
The Young Professionals license has been extended to two years this year which is a real plus for those who had their PVT last year. Note that starting in 2015, we will no longer be able to cumulate two EIC applications. Warning! This year, this visa is a little more complicated to obtain; before, it was enough to get a job offer. From now on, you must not only get this job offer, but also that it is in line with your area of expertise and that your employer completes a form and pays $ 230. This novelty raises the question of whether this visa will continue to exist in the long term.
Disadvantage is that this visa is a closed work permit that is to say that you cannot change employer for two years.
Advantage: it allows you to have a great Canadian experience and to launch, if you wish, your procedure of permanent residence.

International volunteering in business

The International Co-op Internship permit allows students to come for an internship in Canada as part of their degree program. You must first find the internship from your country and apply for a work permit from EIC.
Advantage: discover another culture and post a good international experience on your resume.
Disadvantage: finding an internship remotely presents difficulties because we do not always know what to expect. In addition, this year, the conditions have also changed: it is necessary, as for the JP, that your employer fill out a form and also pays the $ 230, even if your internship is unpaid. It will be harder to find an internship from France because of these constraints.

Permanent residence

Finally, if you want to settle in and get the Permanent Residence, make sure you have already made several trips to Canada to be sure of wanting to expatriate. Note that the terms for immigrating are different if you want to live in Quebec or in another province. For Quebec, you must have the CSQ before going to the federal stage. For the other provinces, you now have to go through express entry, which means you have to register in a bank of applications and if an employer needs you, you will go through express immigration.

Advantage: If you have a job in a field where there is currently a Canada shortage, you can immigrate very quickly.

Disadvantage: This can be very long if you are not in the skilled trades and / or if there is little demand in your industry.

I cannot say it enough: whatever your situation as an immigrant, do not expect to have exactly the same position or benefits as in your home country. Immigrating is an effort, even if you dream for a long time. Even if you choose to live in Montreal, which seems close to French culture and where we live with our "cousins". There is always an effort of adaptation that may seem complicated, because even if we speak the same language, we do not always understand each other. You will have opportunities, but you will have to work hard to prove yourself and you will have to be patient to have a salary as high as you want.

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