GRE Tests Structure and Fees Payment

The GRE is a standardised test to test the eligibility of students aspiring for admission to graduate schools around the world. GRE is conducted in two formats - computer based one and a paper based format. The four parts of GRE test candidates for verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing. This test lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes.
Structure breakup of GRE
In the course of testing, the aspirant will need to answer questions about his or her thinking about management and management principles. Test takes place in three main topics as under:

       Verbal reasoning - This section evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand and use written material. The student must how the relationship exists between the ideas in the passage and the argument presented. They must recognise the component parts of the sentence and grasp the meaning of concepts given there. One can take classroom programme GRE so they are able to interact with the staff and clear their doubts as it arises. This is needed for weak students.

       Quantitative reasoning - In this you have 7-8 Quantitative comparison questions, 12-13 problem solving questions so that you have 20 total questions in the section. You have 35 minutes in this section and the scores will be 130 to 170. Here you have to reason and solve problems using quantitative methods. The questions will cover algebra, arithmetic, data analysis, and geometry.

Among the various formats, you will have questions of the quantitative comparison type. You will have two quantities A and B. You have to compare and find the relationship between the two. Here, you must be familiar with the answer types for this question. Also remember you have to compare not calculate. The other type of questions are problem solving questions. These are multiple choice questions with five choices. You might have to choose more than one correct answers for some questions.

       Analytical Writing - You have two separately timed tasks. One involves analyzing an issue and the other involves analyzing an argument. Each task has 30 minutes so that you have to complete this section in one hour. The score range is 0-6. Here they check to see if you can articulate your thoughts and express ideas of complex matter in a clear way. You have to formulate a thesis with good supporting arguments.  For those that need help, the GRE classroom programs will prove beneficial.

The steps to follow for your GRE exam is like this. First, you have to create an ETS account for GRE registration. Select your test type - GRE General or GRE Subject. Set location and date for GRE test. You must fill in the academic qualification to register for this test. Make payment for the test using MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express, or VISA.
For paper-based test online registration alone, you can give late registration fee of $25. For paper based test alone you can apply for standby testing by paying $50. Rescheduling fee or changing your test center will cost $50. You can also change a Subject in the Subject test by paying $50.

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