Features of Small Business Phone System Required for the Selection of Best Business Phone System

There are many important features which must be considered while selecting the small business phone system. The choice or decision of selection of small business Phone System and provider appropriate for the business depends on the available resources. The main consideration is budget here, whether it is growing business or if the IT staff capable of maintaining and running the in house phone system or there is facility of accessing of high speed internet connection. The selection of phone provider depends on the searching of service provider which provides the features and tools as per need and demand of customers. It is very critical for businesses to present themselves in professional manner always.

The success of business depends on the presentation of business and all the businesses are benefitted by the presence of phone system. Smaller businesses without having special requirements customizations are highly comfortable by using a shared device in comparison to larger organizations with complex needs would prefer a dedicated server which provides the quality of service together privacy they are searching for. The essential features required for the best small business Phone System is as follows:

Essential Features of Small Business Phone System: The essential features of small business phone system includes Call Forwarding, Call recording, Call Queues, Voice mail to email, Voicemail to text, Voicemail Transcription, Automated Attendants, Conference Calling, Interactive Voice Response, Ring Groups, Call Transferring, Internet Faxing, Interoffice Instant Messaging, Extension Dialing, Directory Assistance, Call Reports, Call Monitoring, Missed Call Notifications, Video Conferencing, Online Meetings, Instant Messaging, Integrations with popular programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Google’s Services etc.

The VoIP technology used in small business phone system gives freedom to the employees to take and make business calls from anywhere without any need of business dedicated cell phone. Today’s phone systems are having unified communication systems. These systems combines’ voice calling, instant messaging, video or online meetings etc. While deciding about the selection of new business phone system many parameters are considered as follows:

Parameters of Selection of Business Phone System: Need of full phone system or virtual phone service which relies on mobile devices, What types of services required, Budget required, Type of Business, Which type of Phone System is best: Virtual Phone System, VoIP, Landlines and Cloud & On- premises system.

Pros & Cons of different types of Phone System: There are various types of pros and cons of different types of phone system as follows: Pros: It provides businesses with employees working from the locations other than company’s office in order to give the professional presentation all times. Gives remote work access to variety of phone system features which are not offered by home phones or mobiles. Cons: They are not full-fledged phone systems. Calls are still processed on mobile or home phone network.

Best for businesses with large group of remote workers or the sole- proprietor business. Like this all the phone systems have some or the other pros or cons, therefore customers must thoroughly go through these pros & cons of various phone systems while making the decision.


  1. For small businesses, Virtual phone system are best to use. These phone number has its own benefits with different feature like GlobalConnect, AutoSwitch and many more.

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