7 Painting Techniques that Peter Max Believes Makes an Artist Complete

The journey of a painter or an artist starts with the preliminary classes of making sketches and bold use of elementary colors. Even though if you’ve gathered the necessary tools for your art work, lack of some basic knowledge, technique and style will not make you a complete artist. It’s the perfect composition of composition, texture, brushwork, tone and color that makes a painting complete- believes Peter Max. Know some of the popular technique to grow as a better artist.

Peter Max Mentions of Indispensible Techniques That Make Your Painting Better
Block In

Makes an Artist Complete

Brushes have always been an important part in your painting project. They not only come in different fiber types and textures, the results of using each of them will be different. The synthetic and sable mix brushes are considered to be the most versatile since; they can be used with different paint types. Also whether you want to use a round or a flat shaped brush depends on what your painting demands. The filbert brushes mostly prove to be beneficial for blocking in painting and the finer touches are given aptly by the thin brushes.

Keeping an Under Painting

If you’re working with oil or acrylic painting, then experts suggest not starting directly on a white canvas. It doesn’t give the right effect that you want to put across. The shadows and values that you want to add to your painting. Since the acrylics dry up fast, they are considered to be the best option and its impact is also permanent. Hence, it makes all kinds of sense to have an under painting with a mix of burnt Sienna or some blues. If you want the bright colors to reflect, dry your under paint up with towel and then apply the next set of bold colors you want to.

Building A Texture

According to Peter Max, the so-called father of modern abstract painting, transitions are the most significant factor in your painting. If you cannot mix the colors well and two shades do not mix to give you the right shade, you might not be successful in getting the right texture for your painting. So, before starting with a fresh coat of paint, use a dry brush to blend your paint well. Creative artists also use eggshells or sands to add interest to any painting. If you want to give a grained look, you can use an old toothbrush to splatter the color on the canvas and give a complete different look and feel to your painting.

Never Ignore the Mediums

Mediums are nothing but fluids that are mixed with the colors to modulate the consistency and regulate the drying time and texture. Usually this is required while you’re working with acrylics, and using different mediums will give you the look and feel of paint matte or gloss.

The canvas is open right in front of you, and millions of your followers want you to create some magic on it. These techniques will allow you to make the best of your painting and win their heart with ease.

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