5 Most Beautiful Hidden Castles in Germany

Do not miss the most beautiful German castles. Whether you are hiding in a forest, at the top of a valley, or overlooking the sea surrounded by water, we discover an interesting route through the 5 most Beautiful Hidden Castles in Germany.


A little more than 100 kilometers from the city of Munich, surrounded by the lush forests of Bavaria and nestled on top of a cliff, this castle is a fantasy show with dreamlike and extravagant forms of medieval air that was built by the King Ludwig II of Bavaria, whom they nicknamed as the mad king for his dreamy character. Such is the magic that emerges that inspired none other than Walt Disney to create the castle of the Sleeping Beauty and one of best beautiful castles in Germany.


Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this Gothic cathedral is the main symbol of the city of Cologne and the largest church in the country. It contains eleven bells, four of them medieval and in its interior the remains of the three Magi are guarded. Everyone who visits the cathedral says it is more impressive and oldest castle in Germany.


Less than an hour from the city of Frankfurt and on the banks of the Neckar River, Heidelberg stands out not only for its beauty but also for its history, since in it were found the first remains of human life in Europe, the jaw of the Man of Heidelberg, in addition to vestiges of a Celtic town and, of course, its imposing palace, symbol of the city and one of the most famous ruins of the Germanic country, which today houses the German Museum of Pharmacy.


In the Rhineland-Palatinate region, on the banks of the Moseley beautiful Castles in Germany is Eltz, the Eltz Castle rises magnificently, classified by experts as one of the most beautiful fortresses in Germany. This is also the best Weekend Getaways from Berlin in Germany. It is located between the cities of Cologne and Frankfurt, and more specifically, in a valley near one of the tributaries of the Moseley River, surrounded by nature.

This castle is one of the few in Germany that has withstood wars and battles and retains its
original structure. This jewel of the middle Ages has been owned by the same family for 33 consecutive generations since the 12th century, and illustrious kings and emperors of Germany have stayed in its rooms.


If you visit the Black Forest region, you cannot miss an excursion to the Lichtenstein Castle. It is an imposing castle located in the Swabia Mountains and where you will feel like in the palace of a story.

The architectural style of this castle is Neo gothic and was built by order of William I in the period from 1839 to 1842 on the remains of an old fortress, inspired by the novel "Lichtenstein" by the German author Wilhelm Huff.

Access to the castle takes place from a picturesque bridge reminiscent of a fantasy story. In addition, it has a lovely viewpoint from which you can see the town of Hanau at a glance.

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