Things you need to be aware about abnormal Pap smear during pregnancy

Once you are a lady of child bearing age, it is obvious that you might have been part of many pap smears. Now you need to figure out why abnormal Pap smear during pregnancy is normal or not. It has been seen that most of the tests show normal results, but in case of women who are diagnosed with abnormal Pap smear it might call for an additional round of testing. The result could be something normal or in other cases it could mean something serious as well.  Can Pap smear detect pregnancy, but pregnant women can be part of these treatments as well.

It does provide to be a safe option to be part of an abnormal Pap smear test during pregnancy. Irrespective of the pregnancy status of a patient the doctor is going to undertake them if a lady happens to be due for it. One of the major differences when you undertake this test when you are pregnant is an increase in the bleeding levels. As the cervix does go on to have a lot of blood at this point of time, the chances of slight bleeding to accompany are standard in relation to an abnormal Pap smear test.

The moment a woman is told that they need to have an abnormal pap smear it does put their life on the edge. But it has to be said that the result of it would not go on to be a major cause of concern. In most cases the tests of the result might point to cancer cells, but the possibility of infection is something that you cannot rule out as well.  In no way it can be concluded that you are suffering from cancer if the presence of such cells are found. What the doctor generally suggests is another round of testing in order to get to the depth of the problem.

The moment you are going to receive an abnormal pap smear during pregnancy the doctor is going to ask you to be part of colposcopy. At this point of time the doctor is going to observe the cervix under a magnifying lens. In doing so it will become clear to the doctor what lead to the emergence of these cells and then figure out what course of treatment has to be adopted.

If you find that the doctor is of the opinion that the pap smear test lead to the emergence of cancer cells he will ask you to wait till the pregnancy is over. Then only they will provide you with the treatment. If it is in  the early stages of pregnancy the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy so as to begin the course of treatment. On the other side if it is found in the end stages of pregnancy the doctor may ask to induce the labor early so that the treatment can start off.

If any abnormal cervix cells are found no risk is posed to the baby.

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