Reasons why Outbound Telemarketing Strategies Fail

There was a time when telemarketing was the only way to do effective business and the process was loved by every industry professional. Gradually, new technology and innovative marketing strategies started stepping up and telemarketing began to lose its worth.

Many professionals are blaming the digital era for the reduced popularity of telemarketing. But is that true? Is digitalization really the cause of the decreased prevalence of telemarketing? IMHO, no.
Telemarketing is losing its charm not because some alternatives have been introduced but because the telemarketing companies has stopped using correct practices. Maybe the strategies that worked in the past don’t work in today’s world. Therefore, telemarketing can still be considered as one of the most effective options if professionals revamp their tactics.

Telemarketing hasn’t lost its charm, in fact, it’s still the most loved marketing strategy for many B2B professionals. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the strategy will prove effective for every business. The reasons can be found below.

Why outbound telemarketing strategies fail?

Some outbound telemarketing companies are successfully running the process and enjoying the taste of victory. Reasons, why few other telemarketing companies aren’t succeeding while using the same process, are enlisted below:

1. Inability to collect data

Not every call that is made will produce the desired result. But every call is important and hence, it’s necessary to collect essential data from each conversation. Maybe the customer isn’t interested in purchasing your product currently but have shown a deep interest by enquiring a lot about the offerings that may result fruitful in the future. Also, the collected data will help you to understand the market better, improve the marketing tactics and can be helpful in transforming the underperforming program into a productive one.

2. Lacking customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing the customer base into categories of specific age, gender, interests, habits, demographics etc. Segmentation can help telemarketers in a number of ways such as in targeting correct prospects, making sales pitches, etc. Proper segmentation helps telemarketing agents to find the targeted customer and saves a lot of their time.

3. Incapable staffs

Well, finding a correct person who is truly fit for the job is very difficult. And that’s where most of the outbound telemarketing companies fail. They must ensure that the employees that they have hired for making calls are capable and experienced. Otherwise, an unfit staff for the role can completely destroy the reputation of your company.

4. Goals aren’t defined clearly

Not just for telemarketing, but for every other task, it’s important to define the goals clear to achieve the desired target. Therefore, the very first thing a good telemarketing campaign needs is a clearly defined goal. Without a clear objective, achieving target is impossible.

5. Unable to recognize the decision-maker

Decision makers play a vital role in making the purchase decision. How? Suppose you are asked to sell a lead generation software to a B2B company. You made the call to the company’s reception and made the receptionist understand every policies and terms and condition associated. At the end of the conversation, the receptionist denied purchasing your software. Why? Because you approached somebody who is not concerned and for the same that person doesn’t understand the value of the product you’re selling. The receptionist isn’t the decision-maker of the company. Rather you should have contacted the CEO or somebody else who is responsible for taking the company’s decision.

6. Unable to recognize USP

USP (unique selling point) is a parameter that distinguishes a product from its competitors which may include cost, unique benefits, the quality, first-of its kind etc. Therefore, it is very crucial to recognize the USPs of the outsourcing company so that representatives can sell the product with an ease by explaining every aspect of the specific product.


Outbound telemarketing services can ensure direct return on investment and can be considered as the most feasible business solution if conducted in an appropriate way.

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