Problems Observed after Pregnancy or Postpartum Problems:

Giving birth to a healthy young one is of utmost importance. A woman tries her best to bring forth a healthy newborn with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Intake of nutritious diet during pregnancy and moderate exercise can lead to the development of a healthy infant along with a healthy mother. Often some problems are observed during the pregnancy phase, which are:

ü  Periods Problem- Having irregular periods, no periods are the conditions which can lead to infertility and must be immediately consulted by the gynecologist. Menstrual flow may last from two to seven days normally, anything less or more is considered abnormal.  Excessive bleeding is common after delivery.

ü  Changes with breasts– color changes, size change; stretch marks are some of the changes observed during pregnancy phase. Other changes include secretion of a pale yellow liquid (known as colostrum) towards very end of pregnancy, swelling of the breasts with milk (known as engorgement) , tingling feeling, increased nipple pain etc.

ü  Constipation and Hemorrhoids- This is also one of the common problem faced by women after pregnancy. By the pressure of the enlarged uterus and fetus, this problem can be commonly seen in pregnant women. Proper ointments and sprays after doctor’s prescription along with healthy diet must be followed. Soft and easy to digest food must be consumed. 

ü  Swollen feet- This problem is mostly faced by the women who have gone for c-section delivery. The main reason behind this problem is sodium which is present in fluids given at the time of surgery. This problem fades away with time as kidneys start to function normally.

ü  Painful sex- Many women face discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse hence doctor’s advice to postpone the intercourse until the vaginal tissues heals properly. Women’s body normally takes around 6 weeks to heal and to be comfortable both physically and emotionally.

ü  Urinary incontinence- Most women faces the problem of leaking urine while laughing, coughing or straining which is due to stretching of the bladder during vaginal birth. Using proper undergarments and sanitary pads can be helpful for the mother. It is better to consult their doctors for medications if the problem persists for longer.

ü  Painful nursing- While feeding the young infant most of the women faces deep pain in their breast. It would be better to consult the doctors to avoid the problem which can later create the serious issues.

ü  Hair Loss- this is another common problem observed after delivery. Hair loss is temporary and not as such noticeable as such but proper care of hair is must. Mother’s should not be disheartened by this hair loss.

ü  Neurological disorders- Some women also face numerous Neurological disorders after pregnancy which is a critical issue faced by them.

Medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy is generally prescribed by the neurosurgeons to avoid serious problems during pregnancy. Some other problems commonly observed are stretch marks at certain areas of the body, breasts infection, Pain between rectum and vagina , after delivery depression, coming back to shape etc.  Thus, keeping a positive attitude and being happy with oneself can ease the pain of women to some extent. Consulting Doctor from time to time can help. Light exercising and walking can help the mothers to cope up easily.

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