Offbeat Activities You Can Do In Goa

Offbeat Activities You Can Do In Goa

There is no other tourist destination as popular as Goa in India, each year it sees nearly 8 million people coming down to unwind and relax. The state is laden with many beaches and some of the friendliest people you can meet. It is a place people come to throughout the year and is usually packed, but from June to September, the numbers dwindle, and Goa becomes relatively barren.

This is due to the advent of monsoon and the storms it brings, but for some, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a number of water sports and indulge in a side of Goa, which not a lot of people often see. Atlantis is a company which provides some of the best watersports packages for the monsoon, and it is a wise idea to snag them up. If being too adventurous is not your flow, then you could try the cruise and boating packages. You can also mix and match between two activities and enjoy your time on the boat.

Here is a good combination, fly-boarding and an adventure cruise, let us take a deeper look into the two and find out which one suits you more.

It is one of the most popular tourist activities on the circuit and is all the rage all across the world. Finally, Atlantis is the first to bring this to India, and you can experience this amazing activity on the Chapora River. In Flyboarding, you are strapped in and required to stand on a board, which is shot up out of the water using powerful jets. It is an amazing experience, one which is closest to make you feel like you are flying. The stunt has been even used in many movies in Bollywood. The Atlantis team takes all the necessary precautions and ensure that you are safely strapped in. It is something which you will never forget, and the best perk is you could very well be the first amongst your friends to experience this.

You can also spend some leisure time on a cruise that snakes through the rivers of Goa. On board, you can enjoy snacks and drinks, all the while lounging around and soaking in the views. There are number of other activities also available you can indulge in such as fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Who knows, maybe you might be able to catch a few fish with the help our expert anglers? During the cruise, you will also be a part of sightseeing groups that go around various forts and famous places in and around the Mandovi River.
It is perfect for those of you who want just to lay back and enjoy the sun. There are also many other activities you can partake in during the monsoon, and if you feel somewhat adventurous, you could do all the activities on offer and satisfy your inner child. The monsoon in Goa makes for quite an unforgettable experience, and you should come down and see it for yourself. 

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