How to Improve Your Firewood Storage – A Definitive Guideline

Firewood is an essential requirement to make the fire in order to keep your room warm and cozy. Those who have personal source can get high-quality firewood without shelling an extra cost. Needless to say, it’s a renewable resource and, if correctly gathered, could be useful to forests and property proprietors. Some people find burning wood to be dirty. To keep wood safe and protected, all you need is an effective and efficient firewood storage.

Finding the right firewood storage is not an overwhelming task. Simply follow these pro tips to produce burnable firewood in no time.

Why Is It Important to Have Firewood Storage?

A quality firewood storage is not only critical in protecting your firewood’s lifespan but also ensuring your safety. Freshly cut firewood can contain up to 45% retained water and burning wet wood can cause creosote to accumulate in your chimney. This is the exact opposite of how you want to spend your winter nights.

Pro tip:

Creosote is a colorless greasy liquid with a smoky odor that produces a sooty flame when burned. It is evidently considered as one of the major reasons for chimney fires. To stay safe, use well-aged or seasoned wood.

By storing your firewood at a suitable place, you can successfully reduce moisture and have more useful firewood for the winter.

Find the Right Location Away from Your Home:

Placement always matters when it comes to your firewood storage process. It would be unwise to expect that your firewood will dry up in time for burning by throwing it in the backyard. 

Pro Tip:

Outdoor is the right place to store your firewood since the environment allows it to have exposure to adequate airflow. 

While choosing the location to store firewood, make sure that the location is at least five feet away from your home. Having the firewood nestled in your home means you’re inviting pests to come inside. It’s best to keep your firewood elevated and away from any excess moisture on the ground. It would be more effective if you invest in a firewood rack. The reason why a rack is so useful is that it keeps your firewood elevated while keeping air circulation available for each piece of firewood.

You can also use a seasoning shed to keep the stack at a safe distance. Seasoning sheds are great for drying out firewood quicker and creating wood that’ll burn more efficiently. Much like backyard greenhouses, the polyethylene cover of a seasoning shed keeps the moisture out and retains heat.

Know how to stack your firewood:

Stacking firewood is no less than a work of art. Keeping a messy pile in order could not get any more aesthetically pleasing. Needless to say, this step is crucial in the drying process of your firewood!

To start off, the most important thing you must understand that you should only stack your rows no higher than 4 feet. Those who have firewood, that is not fully seasoned, should stack it bark-side down so moisture can vanish. On the other hand, if your firewood has already developed signs of wear, you can stack them bark-side up to protect from rain or snow.

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