Hauz Khas is regarded as the beating heart of New Delhi. In ancient time, this place was probably used as a reservoir but now the scene has completely changed. 

It has morphed into a great place to feel the pulse. Be it friends birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary, it is considered for all. So, if you are interested in knowing the Hauz Khas restaurants, bars, and café guide, then stay here for a while.

Hauz Khas Social

Hauz Khas Social is an upscale, urban hangout with hotdesking facilities that do a good cup. They serve light international meals and cocktails. Besides that, it is also a cafe doubling up as an alternative office/workplace. From the outside, it is not very presentable and looks very rustic and raw. However, from the inside, it is what you would expect from Social that too in the most happening place in Delhi. You will really love the spacious sitting. Immersed in the greenery of its Deer Park, it gives the view of the green reflecting lake with birds, goose, and ducks.

If you want to have a whole day's retreat with your friends and want to enjoy some drinks, then look no further.

Janpath Market is famous among college students to purchase clothes, brass material, and ornaments at the cheaper price and with huge bargains. Apart from these things, this market offers something for everyone. Can you guess what is it exactly? Obviously, the delectable food it offers. So, without wasting much more time, let’s dive into the Janpath Market restaurants and bars.

Bunta Bar

It is a funky contemporary styling in a lively bar with a regular music calendar and a casual menu. With an interesting trio of food, drink, and services, Bunta Bar hits the right spot. With the conversation flowing at every table, the place is enthralling. It is decorated with handmade knitted crafts work and beautiful lighting of bulbs. The place is usually less crowded during the day and well crowded during the night. So, plan accordingly. You will really like the concept of Banta Bar. They serve different flavors of Banta. That's a really creative idea.


Informal is a full bar with the wide range of signature cocktails. It is basically a Warehouse-style nightspot with chic industrial décor. The place is true to its name, great for a casual drop in and catching up with the friend. Mostly visited by office crowd, the place is buzzing all the time. The best part is that they have a DJ or live music all the time starting with lunch hours. Try the buffet. It's value for money. The first floor is booked for private parties. Sometimes the aroma from the food is not enough to make the day. Its presentation also matters. And that is what they exactly do. The buzz from the live music will compel your feet to dance. In addition to that, they have a great D.J with the dance floor where you can showcase your moves to your loved ones. 

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