Know the different types of surgeries provided by the skin specialist

Know the different types of surgeries provided by the skin specialist

Medical technology has advanced with time and has given people the opportunity to extend their life and do away with the different ailments that tend to take place from time to time. Similar to other organs of the body, the skin is also prone to facing medical issues at some point of time in life. The skin being the outermost part of the body tends to play a significant role in security and maintenance. Its main function is to protect all internal organs from different types of injuries. However, if some skin conditions take place, then the person is sure to feel uncomfortable. Such ailments should not be left neglected and immediate treatment should be sought by visiting the skin specialist.

Some types of treatment provided by the best skin specialist in Delhi

·      Nail surgery:

     The fingertip along with the surrounding tissues is protected by the nail from minor injuries. However, some conditions are likely to hamper such work. One such condition is the ingrown toenails. In this particular condition, the toenail corner grows into surrounding skin, rather than coming out naturally. The treatment for this issue is done through anaesthesia administration. The tow base, area is numbed down and pain will not be felt. Then the ingrown toenail gets removed and there is applied tight band for controlling loss of blood. The surgery is completed within two hours, but the nail may experience numbness for about 3 to 4 hours.

·         Acne scar surgery:

      One such chronic condition where hair follicles get plugged with dead skin cells and oil is acne. They might appear as pus pilled pimples or blackheads. As they dry, a scar is left behind, thus affecting overall aesthetic appearance. Different types of conservative procedures are used prior to opting for this surgery like soft tissue fillers, home skin care, etc. The surgery offered by the reputed skin specialists is termed as punch excision, a minor procedure to cut individual acne scar. Then with skin graft or stitches, it is repaired. Needles get inserted in another technique called subcision.

·        Vitiligo surgery:

     The skin colour is provided by melanocytes and considered to be pigment cells. A condition termed vitiligo takes places where the skin tends to lose pigment cells, causing skin discoloration in patches. Some portion is likely to appear lighter and not much in sync. The cell producing pigments either stop normal functioning or die out. Its effects could be noticed in different body parts and also affects the mouth, eyes and hair. The symptoms and signs include graying or whitening of scalp hair, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes and skin colour loss. Different techniques are used to impart this form of surgery. If there are small patches, then it will be sufficient to have mini punch grafting. Small punches of approx. 1 mm diameter get transplanted within the white patches. Melanocyte transplants are required for larger areas.

The objective of the skin specialist is to ensure that the patient is properly treated and does not face any type of pain or side effects.

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