Jim Feldkamp – How to Avert a Terrorist Attack in a Public Place and Protect Your Family

Jim Feldkamp – How to Avert a Terrorist Attack in a Public Place and Protect Your Family

Terrorist groups tends to target public places with immunity. No one can envisage when they will strike. The mass hysteria and panic they create among people in such area is unimaginable. In the process, innocent individuals lose their lives and limbs. Some even compare it as being present in a war zone. 

You certainly do not want to find any of your family members or yourself in such a situation. Unfortunately, the truth is you are not in a position to combat such nefarious elements. You don’t possess the level of skills, knowledge, training and expertise members of the security forces have. However, you can still protect your loved ones from such culprits.

Jim Feldkamp – How to protect your family in a public place from a terrorist attack?

Jim Feldkamp is a former security expert from Roseburg, Oregon. He specializes in the field of counterterrorism. He has valuable years of training and experience under his belt working as an FBI special agent. Individuals serving in various law enforcement agencies credit him for foiling numerous terror attacks on America. In many cases, his efforts and skills has led to conviction of many hardcore terrorists. Thanks to him the citizens of this country can go about their daily lives without fear. He also has a commendable record of serving in the military as a Naval Flight Officer for 20 years.

He says no individual wants to be a public place where terrorists are likely to strike. It can leave scars in his/her body and mind which are impossible to erase. You also fall in the same category. However, you need to carry on with your daily life and not submit to whims of such nefarious elements. You also expect your family members to do the same. Moreover, with the right awareness you can protect those you love and yourself from such culprits. In such a situation these perpetrators cannot harm your family or you while visiting such places.
He explains you just have to keep in mind the following 3 important points when in a public place with your family:

1.    Look out of suspicious individuals loitering in areas where there a large group people. Such persons will appear slightly nervous and out of place. They may be closely monitoring the movements of staff members and the public. In many cases, they will also be searching for all possible entrances and exits. For this, they may be using cameras, mobile phones or making drawings.

2.    Such persons may even be asking members of public certain unusual questions. These could relate to the outlay of the place, its car parking arrangement and security. They may even attempt to enter areas which have the sign ‘off-limits’ without being seen.

3.    These nefarious elements can also sit in their vehicles in the car parking area for a long time. They may do so for no apparent reason while surveying the movement of others.

If you do come across any of the above 3 suspicious situations, you should contact police immediately. Jim Feldkamp say such law enforcement officers will respond to your call and do what is necessary. In the process, you will responsible for saving many lives. You also perform your duty of protecting your family. 

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