Invisible Orthodontics: The most AestheticTreatment

A beautiful smile gives us a healthier and more reliable aspect, as well as more security in ourselves. Therefore, cosmetic dental aesthetics surgery  is a growing concern today.

Orthodontic systems are no longer focused exclusively on children and adolescents: more and more adults are coming to a specialist to have well-aligned teeth.

Therefore, not only has the demand for orthodontic treatments increased, but also that of more aesthetic methods that do not interfere with the image of the people who initiate these processes.

As a result of these demands, invisible orthodontic systems were born.

What is invisible orthodontics?

If you want to have a prettier smile but you fear that the orthodontic appliance influences your image, you can resort to more aesthetic methods that do not alter, in the same way, your lifestyle.

We call orthodontic treatments invisible to those that are imperceptible - totally or partially - in the eyes of a third person.

Although the evolution within the field of orthodontics supposed the appearance of more aesthetic systems such as sapphire brackets, we consider invisible methods both lingual brackets -Incognito- and orthodontics based on transparent aligners - Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign (clear aligners) is an orthodontic system developed by the Aligntech brand. It is based on transparent splints -aligners- made to measure from the patient's mouth. It is a practically imperceptible system, visible only in very short distances.

What is lingual orthodontics?

Lingual brackets - Incognito - are cemented on the inside of the tooth. It is the only orthodontic method that is, therefore, completely imperceptible.

How does invisible orthodontics work?

The goal of orthodontic treatments is to correct any type of malocclusion problem . Through small movements made gradually, both the teeth and the jaw bones are placed in the proper position.

In this way, not only a more aesthetic smile is achieved, but also a complete functionality of the teeth. They reduce, in this way, the discomfort in the jaw or also the incidence of diseases of the gums and supporting tissues such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

While the goal of both orthodontics with transparent splints and lingual brackets is to achieve a perfect occlusion through micro-movements, they are systems whose functioning differs in several points.

How does Invisalign work?

Orthodontic treatment with invisible splints starts with an impression taking from the patient's mouth . At Dr. Roze the best dental clinic we always focus on the latest technological advances. Therefore, this shot is made with the help of an intraoral 3D scanner.

In this way, we avoid the manufacture of models with alginate paste and we achieve both a greater precision and speed of treatment, these samples are sent telematically, speeding up the process, as well as greater patient comfort.

Once the impressions have been taken, the orthodontist plans through ClinCheck the movements that each splint must perform.

ClinCheck is a software developed by Aligntech that allows a simulation of the treatment plan in 3D. This program allows both the orthodontist and the patient to see the final result of the procedure even before starting the procedure.

In addition, it increases the predictability and precision of the treatment and therefore shortens the time of the revisions.

In the different visits to the clinic the patient will receive different sets of splints, each one with a certain micromovement. Each game must be carried in the mouth for an estimated time in two weeks, after which they will be exchanged for the next pair.

For the treatment to be effective, the splints must be worn in the mouth for at least 22 hours a day. They can only retire to eat or brush their teeth.

In case you forget to wear the aligner and do not respect these times, the duration of the treatment will lengthen substantially.

How does lingual orthodontics work?

As with treatments with invisible splints, lingual orthodontics starts with an impression taking of the mouth thanks to 3D oral scanning.

In this way, we obtain a digital setup that will allow, also in this case, to see both the specialist and the patient the result at the end of the treatment. These models are sent to the laboratory, where the manufacture of brackets and arches will begin.

Unlike other lingual orthodontic options, Incognito -from the 3M brand- is the only system whose brackets are custom-made according to the patient's mouth , which makes it a very precise treatment.
They are also much thinner brackets, because they are made of a gold alloy. This fact facilitates the process of adaptation, minimizes injuries and frictions due to the presence of the device and, in addition, reduces discomfort in speech.

What problems solve invisible orthodontic methods?

In the beginning, orthodontics with transparent aligners was indicated only in cases of very slight malpositions. Over the years, Invisalign has benefited from a great evolution.

Therefore, today we can say that patients, in addition to benefit from aesthetic benefits, can also do the effectiveness of these treatments.

Both Invisalign and Incognito are able to correct practically any problem of malocclusion : closing of spaces -diestemas-, crowding, rotating teeth, overbite, open bite or crossbite.

Only in some cases in which marked movements of the dental root are required, Invisalign would be ruled out as the optimal treatment for the patient.

What other advantages do invisible orthodontic methods have?

Both Incognito and Invisalign are devices that do not interfere in our day to day, being much more discreet than other orthodontic methods.

Lingual brackets are the only 100% invisible treatment. Anyway, and although for the action of the invisible splints is effective it is necessary to put them on the mouth for at least 22 hours a day, you have the opportunity to remove the aligners to attend an event in a timely manner.

In addition, the fact that it is an invisible orthodontic treatment supposes two other important advantages.

On the one hand, as there is no risk of the brackets peeling off, there is no type of restriction regarding the foods you can eat during the treatment.

This factor also influences to ensure that Invisalign is the system that generates less dental emergencies - there is no risk of breakage of the brackets, for example.

On the contrary, with any fixed orthodontic device we must be careful when eating sticky or very fibrous foods . In addition, we must avoid practices such as eating apples or snacks with bites or the intake of harder foods such as, for example, nuts.

On the other hand, the fact that it is a removable orthodontic treatment makes Invisalign a much more hygienic method : by not having a fixed device in the mouth, it facilitates access to all the nooks and crannies of the same - where the remains of food and bacteria that damage the gums and supporting tissues.

In the case of lingual orthodontics, we should make use of complementary hygiene elements such as interproximal brushes or oral irrigator - waterpik. In this way, we make sure we have good oral health.

Orthodontics does not hurt , although it is common to feel some pressure when adjusting the appliance or changing the aligner. However, in this sense Invisalign is a more comfortable method: it does not produce as many sores or wounds as fixed appliances.

While it is true that Incognito requires a period of adaptation, friction caused by the presence of the device will be minimized : braces are made to measure and are much thinner than, for example, traditional metal brackets or other bracket systems lingual.

Finally, we must emphasize the importance that both are very precise methods. By having the possibility in both cases to see what the appearance of the patient's smile will be once the treatment is finished, the process becomes much more predictable.

The orthodontist knows, from the beginning, the movements that dental pieces must perform and in what term they must perform them.

How long is an invisible orthodontic treatment?

The duration of the treatments is determined by the corrections that they must make in the dental arch. Therefore, we distinguish three types of malocclusion-mild, moderate and severe-that determine, therefore, three different types of procedures.

The duration of invisible orthodontic systems ranges from 8 months to 2 years.

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